New Zealand, earthquake during Premier Ardern’s interview. VIDEO


A 5.8 magnitude shock interrupted the country’s prime minister during a live interview from Parliament building in the capital Wellington. No loss of calm, just a reassuring smile: “Maybe you see things moving behind me”
Is it not among the first qualities of a good premier, that of being able to remain calm at all times? Certainly Jacinda Ardern has proven to have nerves today when an earthquake started during the television interview she was releasing live. “We are feeling a shock I know, Ryan. A shock not bad,” says the New Zealand premier, with a nervous smile.

The premier’s reaction

Ardern was inside the parliament building. “You see things moving behind me. Parliament (called” the beehive “, the shape of the beehive) swings a little more than the other buildings,” manages to ironically Ardern, who has not interrupted the interview, ” Okay, it’s over. We’re fine, thanks Ryan (Bridge, the reporter). I’m not in any light or dangling object. It looks like I’m in a structurally solid place. ”

The earthquake

The shock felt by Ardern was of magnitude 5.8 and hit New Zealand in an area close to the south coast of the northern island, not far from the city of Wellington. Geonet located the epicenter 30 km north-west of Levin, at a depth of 37 km. So far, no particular casualties or damage have been reported, nor have tsunami alarms been issued.

Relaxation of coronavirus measures


Coronavirus, New Zealand: long lines in front of barbers. PHOTO

In the interview, Ardern was announcing that New Zealand will further ease restrictions on citizens’ movements due to the coronavirus starting on Friday, allowing the number of participants in funeral parties or religious services to increase from 10 to 100 people. Three weeks after the first easing of the more stringent level 4 closure rules, the prime minister said a new wave of infections had been avoided. With the current ‘level 2’ restrictions, schools and most businesses have been able to reopen although with strict rules on physical distance, but all gatherings are limited to a maximum of 10 people. The cabinet will discuss blocking rules again on June 8, Arden said, and will assess by June 22 whether the country can safely switch to the lighter level 1 restrictions. New Zealand has recorded fewer than 1,500 confirmed cases and 21 deaths from the virus.

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