New York Times dedicates front page to Covid-19 dead: “None of them are just a number”


To mark the imminent passage of the terrible threshold of 100,000 coronavirus deaths in the United States, the American newspaper The New York Times dedicates its front page to the memory of a thousand of them and remembers for everyone what their life has been.

“These 1,000 people here represent only one percent of the total. None of them were just a number, “wrote the newspaper, briefly presenting its first page, entirely covered in printed text. The United States is the country most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, both in number of deaths and cases, with 97,048 deaths for 1,621,658 cases according to the latest available data.

On Saturday, the country registered 1,127 new deaths in 24 hours. Overcoming 100,000 deaths seems only a matter of days. Among the victims cited by the New York Times, for each the place where they surrendered to Covid-19 disease, are mentioned “Joe Diffie, 62, Nashville, country music star”, “Lila A. Fenwick, 87 years old, New York City, first black woman to graduate from Harvard Law School. ” And also “Myles Coker, 69, New York City, released after being sentenced to life in prison”, “Ruth Skapinok, 85, Roseville, California, to whom garden birds went to eat in her hands”, “Jordan Driver Haynes, 27, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, generous young man with a lovely smile. ”

“I wanted something that people could reread in 100 years to understand the weight of what we are going through,” said Marc Lacey, the national editor of the newspaper. United States President Donald Trump, a candidate for reelection in November, is pushing for economic recovery, calling on Democratic governors to “release” their state contrary to the warnings of his scientific advisers. “TRANSITION TO BIGGER,” tweeted Donald Trump on Saturday evening, using the slogan he uses to support the reopening of the economy. However, many commentators have noted the dissonance between this tweet and the sheer scale of human costs that America is paying for. George Conway, critic of the president and husband of White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, tweeted a front page photo along with a photo of Mr. Trump playing golf.

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