New Serie A times, in the evening it will be played very late


Pending the official decision on the resumption of the championship, there is a topic very dear to soccer players that a conference call from representatives was discussed yesterday AIC of the teams of A: that of the timetables of the games. Net refusal to take the field before 18 and therefore a problem for the League which for races has fixed three new slots (17, 19.15 is 21,30) to replace the previous ones (16,30, 18,45 is 21).With certain temperatures you cannot play“: The concept repeated yesterday by the Association.

Direct goal in the clear, is controversy

Today, meanwhile, in addition to the resumption date of the championship, the plans will be better understood Spadafora regarding the unencrypted transmission of “Goal Goal“. The League remains in a waiting position, aware that the transmission of clear images would reduce the exclusivity of televisions, resulting in an automatic cut of payments. However, the board of directors intervened again on the matter Rai Sport, which he believes “a serious distortion of the market allow free-to-air transmission to pay TV, which have purchased packages exclusively for encrypted broadcasting. A “Direct Goal” in the clear of pay TV would seriously damage the rights paid by Rai for the highlights in the clear, which would completely lose value“.


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