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The new month brings many of the new games coming to PS4 and Xbox One to PC in June 2020, but also some exclusive productions. Among the latter, it is impossible not to mention the highly anticipated Valorant: global phenomenon even before its official publication, the free to play shooter signed by the League of Legends authors is in fact finally on its way to the videogame market, exclusively PC.

As the advent of summer approaches, PC users will be able to count on a varied catalog, able to offer videogame experiences relating to different genres. Spacing from Desperados III to Pro Cycling Manager 2020, passing through Waking is Beyond the Blue, without forgetting the landing of Sea of ​​Thieves on Steam, here is our selection of the main ones PC releases in June 2020: enjoy the reading!


Developer: Riot Games
Publisher: Tencent Games
Gender: FPS
Exit date: June 2
Platform: PC

From the authors of League of Legends, a new competitive shooter arrives on the free to play market. Preceded by a particularly intense Beta phase, Valorant has already gained the attention of many fans even before the official debut. With the advent of June 2020, Riot Games is now ready to make its latest effort available to the entire videogame audience.

Valorant is structured in a competitive experience that sees players face off in adrenaline-fueled 5v5 fights, with a team dedicated to attack and one focused on defense actions. The knowledge of the agents, of the maps and of the arsenal of weapons at their disposal promise to be the central elements of a competitive phenomenon that has already made people talk a lot about themselves.

For more details on the new creature of Riot Games, on the pages of Everyeye you can find our tried and tested Valorant, written by Giovanni Calgaro.

Sea of ​​Thieves

Developer: Rare
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
Gender: Adventure / Multiplayer
Exit date: 3 June
Platform: Steam

The pirate adventure signed by Rare, already available on the Microsoft Store, is ready to make its debut also on Steam. Debuted in March 2018, the title can now count on a continuous support of over two years, during which the seas of Sea of ​​Thieves welcomed five major expansions and a multitude of monthly updates.

Now, even Steam users can therefore decide to sail to the oceans of this colorful open world adventure. Between navigation, fighting, exploration, naval clashes and looting, each player can face this digital universe with the approach he prefers, alone or in the company of a group of friends.

Pro Cycling Manager 2020

Developer: Cyanide Studio
Publisher: Nacon
Gender: Sports / Management
Exit date: June 4th
Platform: Steam

Also this year, professional cycling enthusiasts will be able to count on a new incarnation of the Pro Cycling Manager franchise. As the manager of a team of athletes, the player will have to take care of every aspect related to the career of the members of your team. Training, strategy elements or team expansion will be just some of the variables to be taken into account in order to earn the most ambitious sporting results in competitions such as the Tour de France or the Vuelta.

However, Pro Cycling Manager 2020 does not offer exclusively a management experience. The sporting title also allows you to put yourself in the shoes of an athlete and to try your hand at the art of cycling in a career mode. Finally, to complete the package we also find a multiplayer component of a competitive nature, where you can test yourself in a confrontation with 15 other cyclists.

Tour de France 2020

Developer: Cyanide Studio
Publisher: Nacon
Gender: sports
Exit date: June 4th
Platform: Steam

All 21 official stages of the Tour de France 2020 await players anxious to prove themselves worthy to wear the coveted yellow jersey. Kilometer after kilometer, between grueling slopes and sudden escapes, digital cyclists will have to give way to any residual energy to ensure victory in the various stages that make up the calendar of the prestigious competition.

To enrich Tour de France 2020 there are also some unpublished contents for the saga, including the inclusion of the stage Liège – Bastion – Liège. Players looking for an additional challenge will also be able to try their hand at adrenaline-pumping timed competitions. Finally, for greater realism, Tour de France 2020 offers variable weather conditions and the possibility of using an unprecedented first-person camera.

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection

Developer: Petroglyph
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Gender: Strategic
Exit date: June 5
Platform: Steam

25 years after the first publication, the strategic series makes a new debut on PC thanks to this Collection. Command & Conquer and Red Alert thus return to the market in a rich remastered edition, which in addition to numerous technical improvements includes multiple additional content. Developed by former members of the Westwood Studios team now in force at Petroglyph, the Collection is presented to the public with support for 4K resolution, freely alternable with the original graphic style.

To complete the offer, we find support for mods, a map editor, a completely revised multiplayer compartment, bonus galleries containing material taken from the making of process and much more.

Beyond Blue

Developer: E-Line Media
Publisher: E-Line Media
Gender: Adventure
Exit date: June 11th
Platform: Steam

From the authors of the appreciated indie Never Alone, comes a production entirely dedicated to the fascinating underwater universe hidden in the depths of the earth’s abysses. As a scientist dedicated to the study of the oceans, Beyond Blue offers the public a single-player narrative experience through which to learn the nature of the mysteries that are hidden in the deepest waters of planet Earth.

To shape a production that is as close as possible to reality, for the development of Beyond Blue, E-Line Media has involved multiple scientific experts, BBC Studios and OeanX Media.

Desperados 3

Developer: Mimimi Games
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Gender: Stealth / Tactical
Exit date: June 26
Platform: Steam /

The Mimimi Games series returns to the gaming scene with a title that ranks as prequel by Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive. Immersed in wild West atmospheres, the player will find himself driving a group of five main characters. Between stealth actions and the need to strategically approach each new challenge, Desperados III offers the player the possibility of facing the same obstacle through different approaches.

To compose the bizarre team of protagonists we find the couple formed by the wandering gunslinger John Cooper and his wife Kate, to which are added the assassin Doc McCoy, expert in poisons and toxins, the rude Hector and the mysterious Isabelle, originally from Kansas.

Our Tommaso “Todd” Montagnoli talks about it in detail in his essay of Desperatos III.


Developer: V1 Interactive
Publisher: Private Division
Gender: Shooter
Exit date: June 16
Platform: Steam

Directly from the co-creator of Halo, Marcul Letho, a new IP arrives, the result of the efforts of the software house he founded: V1 Interactive. Shooter enriched with some strategic elements, Disintegration leads players into a dystopian future in which civilization is torn apart by a confrontation that sees at its center a reflection on the ultimate meaning of “human being”.

Following catastrophic events, the population had to rely on “integration” technology to survive. Thanks to the latter, human minds have found a place in resistant robotic alter egos. If part of civilization now sees in this solution the ideal path for the evolution of the species, others instead strongly claim the need for a return to the origins. Among the latter we also find Romer Shoal, protagonist of Disintegration.

At the heart of the gaming experience are both a main campaign and a competitive multiplayer mode: for more details, on the pages of Everyeye you will find a rich interview with Marcus Letho made by our Icilio Bellanima.


Developer: Jason Oda
Publisher: tinyBuild
Gender: Indies
Exit date: June 18
Platform: Steam

Waking aims to offer itself to the public an adventure capable of giving shape to a special form of interaction between the real world and the videogame universe digital. As a protagonist in a coma, the player will have to face a world populated by inner demons, dreams, nightmares and hopes, in an attempt to find the way that will eventually lead him to awakening. Moments to devote to meditation exercises will alternate with exploration phases to be conducted in the third person.

The production signed by Jason Oda can also be shaped by the choices made by the player along his path, thus making Waking an even more personal experience

SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated

Developer: Purple Lamp Studios
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Gender: Platform Adventure
Exit date: June 23
Platform: Steam /

The platform adventure dedicated to the famous yellow sponge is ready to return to the gaming market in one expanded, revised and perfected version. Impersonating SpongeBob, Patrick and Sandy, the player will have to protect Bikini Bottom from the evil machinations hatched by the evil Plankton.

The “Rehydrated” version of the title can count on a revised technical sector and the addition of new content, among which we can for example mention the boss fight with Robo Squiddi and a multiplayer mode designed for two players, available both online and offline. .

Hunting Simulator 2

Developer: Neopica
Publisher: Bigben Interactive
Gender: Simulation
Exit date: June 25
Platform: Steam

From the moors of Colorado to the forests of the Old Continent, Hunting Simulator 2 offers a virtual world in which to engage in hunting. Well 33 animal species populate the universe: to be able to follow their tracks, players will be able to count on the support of loyal hunting dogs. Each of these will have its own strengths, the knowledge of which will be essential for the success of the in-game activities.

The selection of weapons and equipment also promises to be quite rich, with over 160 items waiting for the players of Hunting Simulator 2.

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