new outbreak in Anzio. Only 3 positive cases in Rome


in the picture: Coronavirus in Lazio

The new cases of coronavirus in Lazio are today, 29 May 2020, only 16. The Lazio Region informs of the existence of an outbreak immediately limited to Anzio, south coast of the capital. Furthermore, in the last 24 hours, the record of recovered in one day, 245, and the record of discharged, 2818 was recorded. In Rome city the lowest figure was recorded since the beginning of the emergency with three new cases. “To date, the share of 55,000 seroprevalence tests on health and law enforcement has been exceeded with an incidence of 2.5% and thanks to the tests, 102 asymptomatic buffer positive tests have so far been identified promptly, the integrated system is working “, says the Region. The total number of people healed rises to 3,825 and the swabs performed were around 250 thousand. In the last 24 hours 8 people have died (to which 5 more are added, recovery of notifications from the past few days). Of the 9 new infections in the ASL Roma 6, 5 refer to a new cluster in the Villa Fortunata home for the elderly in Anzio. The patients were transferred to the Rsa Covid of Genzano and Albano.

The new cases in the ASLs of Rome and Lazio

  • ASL Roma 1 – 1 new positive case
  • ASL Roma 2 – 1 new positive case
  • ASL Roma 3 – 1 new positive case
  • ASL Roma 4 – 1 new positive case
  • Asl Roma 5 – 2 new positive cases
  • Asl Roma 6 – 9 new positive cases, 5 of which refer to the cluster of the home for the elderly Villa Fortunata di Anzio being transferred to the RSA Covid of Genzano and Albano. Epidemiological investigation in progress. There are no new positive cases. 0 deaths. 4 people who have left home surveillance;
  • Asl di Latina – There are no new positive cases. A 69-year-old patient with previous pathologies died.
  • ASL of Rieti – There are no new positive cases. 0 deaths.
  • Viterbo ASL – 1 new positive case. 0 deaths.
  • Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital – A girl with anemia and fever was hospitalized in intensive care at the Covid Center in Palidoro yesterday. She responded well to the therapy and in the day she will be transferred to the ward.

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