New order from De Luca: nightlife closed at one o’clock and stop selling alcohol from 10 pm – La Stampa


De Luca’s caustic comment on nightlife. “50 cents vodka distilled in the sewers”

In Campania ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages with takeaway, of any alcoholic strength, after 10 p.m. by shops (including bars, kiosks, pizzerias, restaurants, pubs, wineries, supermarkets) and with vending machines; from 22 to 6 ban on the consumption of alcoholic beverages, of any grade, in public areas open to the public, including municipal parks and villas. These are some of the contents of the order 53 signed by the governor, Vincenzo De Luca, with further anti-Covid-19 measures.

De Luca’s irony on the 60,000 volunteer assistants announced by the government

And this, says a note from the Crisis Unit, after “the problems registered last weekend and the meetings with the Chambers of Commerce”.

For bars, “baretti”, wineries, ice cream parlors, pastry shops, kiosks and itinerant administration of drinks, the faculty of opening is allowed starting from 5 and there is an obligation to close by 1, with an obligation of administration at the counter or at the tables from 10pm. No limitation on closing times for restaurants, pubs and pizzerias.

Antonella Boralevi: “If the coronavirus becomes a thriller: how many victims will the nightlife do?”

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