New Lancia Ypsilon Hybrid Ecochic: engine, versions, prices and pictures


Lancia Ypsilon Hybrid Ecochic try to meet people’s urban mobility needs with a touch of elegance. A hybrid model not only efficient but also accessible which still maintains the style that continues to please even after many years, especially for Italian women.


The car is available in the Silver and Gold versions. Compared to the standard equipment, the Gold trim level features a leather steering wheel and gearshift gaiter, electric mirrors, rear parking sensors, chromed exhaust, 15-inch wheels, mirror caps in glossy black, integrated fog lights and the system of Uconnect infotainment with Bluetooth and USB, DAB (Digital Radio) technology and integrated live services.

The interiors are made Jacquard fabric. Buyers will customize your car thanks to 3 packages: Pack Gold Plus, Pack Style and Pack City. The first offers interiors in precious Alcantara, the second introduces rear privacy glasses and black-diamond alloy wheels and the third offers the navigator, cruise control, rain and twilight sensors.

There are also packages dedicated to comfort. The Comfort Pack includes fifth place, the split rear seat 40/60, the rear electric windows and the lumbar adjustment of the driver’s seat. For the Silver version, the Pack Design Silver is available which includes fog lights and 15-inch “Style” wheels.

Part of the equipment the D-Fence by Mopar package which includes a filter that retains impurities that come from the outside, such as particulates and allergens; an air purifier inside the passenger compartment, which filters the micro-particles; a UV lamp that helps to sanitize all the car’s contact surfaces.


The car is characterized by the engine 3-liter 1-liter Firefly cylinders displacement combined with hybrid technology Mild Hybrid 12 V able to deliver 51.5 kW or 70 HP and 92 Nm of maximum torque. The 12 Volt BSG (Belt integrated Starter Generator) system offers an additional power of 3.6 kW or 5 HP which is used in the acceleration phases. The gearbox is a 6-speed manual. The brand emphasizes that this unit, thanks to its greater efficiency, reduces CO2 emissions by up to 24% compared to the old 1.2-liter engine.

In terms of performance, the maximum speed is 163 Km / h. In the classic shot from 0 to 100 Km / h, the Lancia Ypsilon Hybrid Ecochic takes 14.2 seconds. Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic is approved as a hybrid vehicle, in addition to being compliant with the Euro 6D Final regulation. (Here our guide)


This special series features of the new Blue Maryne color and more refined finishes. It can also be recognized by the new Hybrid badge on the tailgate and the EcoChic logo on the pillar. The seats are covered with a fabric made of SEAQUAL YARN, an ecological material. To make the yarn, the plastic collected in the Mediterranean is recycled. The new Ypsilon Hybrid Maryne it is also available in the colors: Chic Ivory, Slate Gray, Snow White, Silver Gray, Stone Gray and Vulcano Black

Speaking of equipment, compared to the Gold version it can count on privacy glass, cruise control and rain and twilight sensors and the finishes in Dark Gray, burnished, which characterize the lower front grill, the logo holder mustache, the mirror caps, the door handles and the signature logo of the tailgate. In addition there are the glossy black finish on the rear bumper and the new customization for the 15-inch wheel cups with hubcap with burnished Y logo.


Speaking of prices, Lancia Ypsilon Hybrid Ecochic can be purchased from € 14,450 (Silver), from € 15,750 (Gold) and from € 16,400 (Maryne). A special offer is available with financing dedicated to this phase of restarting with zero advance and zero installments until 2021. The Silver model can be purchased with the first 18 installments of 115 euros and then 72 installments of 185 euros (TAN 6.85% – APR 9.03%).

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