“New infections in Lombardy? No, they are old”. What’s going on – Libero Quotidiano


The 3 June the government will reopen all regions, without exclusion. There Lombardy, the most at risk lockdown-bis considering the bulletins of the Civil Protection, breathe a sigh of relief. IS Massimo Galli, guest of Lilli Gruber at Eight and a half, before the official news, he criticized those who proposed a selective closure for the region-outbreak Italy. “The blockade should be both incoming and outgoing, at present I think an intervention in this sense would move little”, explained the professor ofSacco hospital Milan, always very cautious, if not downright pessimistic in these months of emergency.

The head of the infectious diseases department of Sacco then commented on the numbers of “new infections” in Lombardy (il 70% of the totals throughout Italy) displacing everyone: “They are not new but old infections which have finally been traced. People locked up at home with the infection, to the limit some relatives infected by them. If there were new infections, other than that … In Lombardy the official data are perhaps a tenth, if not less, of the cases that actually occurred “.

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