New Honda CB1000R “Fireblade”, a designer sees it like this


This is not a real bike, so everything is allowed. Given the run-up to performance and what the other manufacturers have shown for 2020, we assume that Honda does not want to be outdone. Green light to imagination: 999 cc four-cylinder in-line engine, with bore and stroke measurements of 81 and 48.5 mm, the same as the MotoGP RC213V and the CBR1000RR-R 2020. Super square measurements, therefore, suitable for achieving very high rotation speeds (and therefore power values): we are talking about 217.5 HP at 14,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 113 Nm at 12,500 rpm. Too much for a naked? Not if you aim to amaze. Via the half-handlebars, to provide the nude with greater comfort and agility; footrests placed lower and less backward than the super sports car, to ensure triangulation in the saddle in favor of road control. However, first-rate cycling equipment remains to gratify the work of engineers on rigidity, dimensions, position and height of the center of gravity: everything is a function of maximum performance. On the other hand it is a naked that does not disdain the track at all, as shown by the suspensions and brakes. From the point of view of the look, the frame is put in plain view, as are the aerodynamic deflectors and a nice single-sided swingarm arrives. This naked, compared to the sport from which it is derived, changes a lot in the rear: tail that is inspired by previous generations of Fireblade and terminal, smaller, under the saddle, to clean the lines of the bike. Honda, are you thinking about it?

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