new games coming soon, Direct imminent?


Apparently, the Nintendo Switch lineup it will soon host numerous games, at least according to the Amazon France price lists. The famous retailer has added several product pages to the database for new yet unannounced Switch games.

At the moment we talk about three Bethesda games (one exclusive for Switch), a Capcom game (Switch exclusive), a cross-platform game by Take-Two, two cross-platform Ubisoft games, two Warner Bros games (one multiform and one exclusive) and two exclusive games from Square Enix.

There are also four Nintendo games not yet announced, which would actually suggest a probable Direct in the coming weeks, probably in mid-June in line with the E3 timing technical rankings, although various leaks seem to suggest that Nintendo has no plans any show in this period.

It must be said that Amazon France in recent weeks has become the protagonist of leaks then denied related to the arrival on PC of games like Bloodborne, Days Gone and Persona 5 Royal. Will the same thing happen in this case too, or will we soon have more details on these mysterious games?

At the moment no comments have been received from Amazon and Nintendo, so the question is still far from clear.

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