New Fiat Panda 2022: compact with French technology?


There new Fiat Panda will be launched in 2022. These are the words of Olivier François, Fiat CEO, spoken to the journalists of the English magazine Auto Express. The project will be inserted at the level of the industrial plan which will be implemented with the French cousins ​​of PSA. The alliance between the two giants FCA and PSA, with the use of French technologies, initially seemed to have to be more interested in the products of Alfa Romeo and of Lancia, leaving Fiat on the sidelines. But it won’t be.

According to the latest information the new Fiat Panda will also be “Frenchized”. Yes, because apparently the new generation of the small Italian car will be based on the PSA CMP platform. The look will be that of the Centoventi concept, but at this point the technology will be entirely French.

The Fiat Panda 2022 will be equipped with a CMP platform that will allow it to have therefore also an electric version. Thanks to this platform we will have the opportunity to see a really complete range of versions with an electric variant and other petrol ones. At this point, given the French flatbed used, petrol engines will also be from across the Alps. Namely the PureTechs.

The battery version of the Panda will probably no longer be able to adopt the 118 hp 500 engine. In fact, it would be difficult to adapt it to a platform not built for him. Therefore, the arrival of the 136 hp engine already seen on the Peugeot 208, 2008 and on the new Opel Corsa electric.

We’ll see if at least the choice of modular batteries will remain a prerogative of the new Fiat Panda. This would allow to have an attack version purely from the city with an autonomy of about 250 km and a really cheap launch price. François’ will is to offer an electric car at the same price as a petrol car of the same category (around 14-15 thousand euros).

The new Fiat Panda, thanks to the use of the CMP platform, will have dimensions close to 4 meters in length, making a good leap forward in terms of space on board and load capacity compared to today. The only element of Italian character that will remain on the new Panda will probably be the external look, derived from Centoventi, with a wide range of customizations and stylistic elements printed in 3D.

After these statements by François, unfortunately, it seems that all medium-small models (segment B and C) of the new mega automotive group will have French base and engines. The large sales volumes will therefore be based on the know-how of the transalpine cousins. Another piece of Italy that goes away?

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