New Dacia Lodgy 2021: a 7-seater hybrid SUV arrives


Good news for SUV lovers. Will arrive by mid 2021 a new economic model with the Dacia brand. It will be the new Dacia Lodgy that will no longer be reborn as a minivan, but will turn into an SUV. The voices that affirm this are increasingly insistent and consistent, so much so that we can now give for sure the debut of this new SUV for the next year.

The new Dacia Lodgy will retain the current features of car capable of carrying up to 7 people. The size of the new SUV will put it above the Duster (also subject to a restyling in 2021). The new Lodgy will be long around the 455 cm. In the 5-seater configuration, the trunk will be immense, capable of holding over 750 liters of luggage. The version with the third row of seats could contain 250 liters of suitcases.

The platform on which the new Dacia Lodgy will be designed it will be CMF-B, the same as the Clio, the Captur and the future Sandero. Obviously in Dacia they will make changes to be able to make a longer car than the existing or arriving cousins.

The peculiarity of this new platform will be the possibility of being able also have a hybrid version on the price list. The Dacia Losgy 2021 hybrid will mount the same technology as the Clio E-Tech. We will therefore have the 1.6 liter naturally aspirated engine combined with two electric engines with a power output of 140 hp. The 1.2 kWh battery will allow very low consumption with CO2 emissions below 100 g / km. The price of this version could be of about 25-26 thousand euros, really at the top in terms of economy.

The rest of the Lodgy range will include a versions petrol with the new turbo engines to dominate. We will have the 1.0 TCe with 101 HP and the 1.3 TCe with 131 and 155 HP. TO diesel fuel, there will probably only be a 115 hp 1.5. Later, probably by 2022, may also debut plug-in hybrid variant with 160 HP and a 10 kWh battery capable of driving the car over 50 km in electric mode, with CO2 emissions below 50 g / km.

The new Dacia Lodgy will be available in both front and all-wheel drive. The latter, however, can hardly be reconciled with the ibirda technology. The car will be more technological than the current model. So many ADAS available as standard such as automatic emergency braking, pedestrian recognition, Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Warning. We will hardly have autonomous driving aid systems.

A new system of infotainment and Full LED lights. The new Lodgy, on sale by summer 2021, could have an attack price close to 15,500 €. We will probably also have the LPG version with 100 HP 1.0 TCe.

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