New Dacia Duster 2021: the SUV, also hybrid, changes its look


It will probably come to end of 2021 the restyling of the Dacia Duster. The brand’s successful SUV will be updated both inside and out, with a more modern look and lots of technology. The Duster is the best-selling model of the house, it is therefore essential to renew it with the mid-career facelift, maintaining the characteristics that made it attractive. A car therefore always spacious, rather comfortable and offered to a exceptional price compared to the competition.

The Dacia Duster 2021 will be introduced by the end of next year. The sales they will start at the maximum by spring 2022. The images used in the article are not official. These are reconstructions of how the Duster facelift version could be. The screenshots, then reworked, were taken from the video of Abhinia Auto Vlogs – Abhishek Saini. These are images related to the Renault Duster. Here is the link to the movie:

Aesthetically, the new Dacia Duster could arrive Full LED lights at least on top of the range outfits. It is unlikely that lights can receive that front whisker proposed on the latest Renault (as shown in the photos). More likely, however, the LED rear fascia that combines the lights. We’ll have new color shades and brand new alloy wheels.

For the interior, the new Dacia Duster could debut with a passenger compartment revised especially in the central area. The screen of the (updated) infotainment system could become bigger and be mounted in a higher position. The air vents will be redesigned around and under the screen. We’ll have new features and connectivity Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

From a motoristic point of view, to meet the new more restrictive emissions regulations, the new Dacia Duster should debut in hybrid variant. In fact, the B0 platform permentte this technology on condition that it renounce all-wheel drive. The mechanics of the latter would in fact be occupied by small 1.2 kWh battery pack. The technology of the hybrid Dacia Duster may be in common with that of the Clio E-Tech, maybe slightly weakened to 130 HP Total. Thus emissions (below 95 g / km of CO2) and consumption (around 4.5 liters per 100 km) will drop.

With the restyling, versions equipped with micro hybrid system on 1.0 TCe and 1.3 TCe. The attack price of the new hybrid Dacia Duster could start below 23,000. For the other versions, the price list will remain in line with today’s one.

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