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The price of fuel continues to register incessant growth and this triggers the strong protest from the National Consumer Union.

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L’Italy is slowly trying to restart, not without some difficulties, after the difficult period that forced us to close many businesses, but became necessary to curb the evolution of the epidemic from Coronavirus which has reached very high numbers in our country. The return to work, however, was accompanied by news that was anything but pleasant for those who are used to getting around by car on a daily basis:‘Increase in the price of fuel.

There Phase 2in short, it does not seem to bring good news. The trend is evident: during the lockdown the cost had suffered a slight decrease (but not in proportion to that of oil), while now we will have to go back to putting our portfolio in a more substantial way to refuel. The situation is accompanied recovery in oil prices, a few days back above $ 30 a barrel, and the resulting increase in refining products.

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Fuel price rising and consumers are protesting

In detail, the gasoline has reached 1,366 euros per liter, from 1,356 euros of the week closed April 18. Not even better for those who have a car with a diesel engine, gone from 1,247 euros to 1,256 euros per liter, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Obviously, such a situation could not go unnoticed, given that it coincides with a period in which the Italians are forced to face increases a bit in all sectors, not only in the supermarket, but also in other commercial realities such as bars, hairdressers and beauticians (where the “Covid tax”On the receipt). The protest of the National Consumer Union, which issued an official note to make its point of view known: “The situation is unacceptable it reads – Si is waiting right there end of the lockdown pto see the rising fuel prices again. As it happens, a drop in costs took place while the Italians did not have the opportunity to move, while now that everyone is back to work the trend has reversed. For now the change is minimal, but we cannot hide that we have fear that soon the situation will become even more unsustainable“.

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