Neversong, you accidentally gave away 3500 Steam keys for the game to every Kickstarter backer –


Neversong is a game that hasn’t made a lot of noise, despite being a very interesting project, but its launch was characterized by an event that does not happen often, namely the gift of 3500 Steam Keys for error to every single Kickstarter supporter.

The game successfully ended its crowdfunding, having reached over $ 85,000 in 2018, but the reward for every single backer was perhaps a little exaggerated: as explained by Thomas Brush, the creator of the game, there was a major mistake in managing the game download codes, which made its launch day a little chaotic for developers.

As explained by Brush to PC Gamer, the Neversong launch day was characterized by two big ones problems: the first is that he took a sinusitis, which is never a nice thing, the second is the fact that he accidentally gave 3500 Neversong codes to each of the 2,798 supporters of the game.

“Each backer has seen a text file with 3500 Steam keys delivered by mail,” explained Brush, “so you can imagine, my email inbox exploded with messages with very honest people who pointed this out to me and asked me if it was normal and they could use the codes. ”

Fortunately, Steam allows developers to to block the keys sent in error and in excess, which allowed Brush to solve the problem quickly enough. If you want to know more about the game, we invite you to read Tommaso Pugliese’s review of Neversong.

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