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Francesco Fredella

A sexy bomb. Jasmine Carrisi, the daughter of Al Bano Carrisi is Loredana Lecciso, depopulated on social media. From Cellino he publishes photos and Instagram stories: Jasmine likes the Web a lot. In less than a month he will support his maturity. Then, according to rumors, he should move to Milan to study at the university. But the world of cinema and television have been courting her for some time. Now more than ever that his Instagram profile is flying with thousands of shares. The last bikini photo, in the large estates on the outskirts of Brindisi, is a like bath. La Carrisi, which a few months ago was told by Caterina Balivo, it may soon become popular even in the cinema. A real milestone for the daughter of Lecciso and Al Bano. By the way: they are more united than ever. A love, as evidenced by the shots and some friends of the couple, who wins and convinces.

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