Netflix will automatically delete inactive accounts –


Netflix has launched a detection program e cancellation from inactive accounts. According to what was announced, the streaming giant will soon send notification messages to customers who have not watched content for a year and more, telling them that their accounts will soon be deactivated, in case they do not wish to continue being subscribed.

In the event of a negative or non-response, Netflix will act independently by removing the account. In this way Netflix aims not only to favor those who have forgotten their account and continue to pay for it, but also wants to count better the subscribers actually active on the platform. According to Netflix’s product innovation director, inactive users are only 0.5% of the total.

Netflix therefore doesn’t want people to pay for something they don’t use. Deleted accounts can be reset with all the preferences and watch lists set within ten months of the measure.

Of course, all those who have used Netflix in the last 365 days, even occasionally, will be excluded from the program. We reiterate that you will receive the notification only if you haven’t used your account for at least a year.

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