Netflix will automatically delete hundreds of thousands of accounts – here’s which


Netflix has announced the elimination of a large number of platform accounts that will be in the coming months automatically deactivated from the service. There is talk of hundreds of thousands of profiles who will no longer have access to the streaming service even if technically still subscribers and paying. The decision obviously does not concern random accounts, but those that for a year or more have been inactive and not used to view movies or TV series. They will receive an email asking if they intend to continue paying for the subscription. In case of no response, the account will be deactivated.

But why this Netflix decision? “We don’t want people to pay for something they don’t use,” explained Eddy Wu, head of product innovation. “So we’re going to ask everyone who hasn’t watched anything on Netflix in the past year confirm the subscription. We will do the same for those who have not looked at anything in the past two years. “Users will begin receiving these emails starting this week, probably accompanied by notifications coming from the app.

Wu explained that accounts currently listed as inactive represent a laughable percentage of the total, around 0.5 percent of the entire Netflix subscriber user base. Yet this percentage is equal to a considerable number of users: we speak of hundreds of thousands of accounts paying but who have not used Netflix for one or more years. In any case, even once deleted these accounts will have the opportunity to re-subscribe to the streaming service and access their data relating to the history of visions and preferences, which the service will continue to maintain in view of a possible return by these users .

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