Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Hulu and Youtube in support of the Black Lives Matter


The murder of George Floyd caused by the now ex-policeman Derek Chauvin it sparked first peaceful and then violent protests across the United States of America, from the East to the West Coast, with Minneapolis especially at the center of the clashes, but also Seattle or Detroit, all against the increasingly rampant racism of the police.

It’s time to make a decision, to take sides and not give way to those who kill a man in cold blood only because of color, in total disregard for himself and his colleagues, with one hand in his pocket while dozens of people resume the scene on their cell phones, the man held back begs to breathe and the agent is repeatedly ordered to remove the knee from his neck.

Our own thought and certainly of the majority is also shared by some of the biggest giants of streaming and television entertainment and beyond, by Amazon Prima Video to Netflix, from Hulu to Youtube, passing through Twitch, HBO and also the baby girl Quibi. All companies have decided to publicly take sides with the #BlackLivesMatter, each sharing a tweet or post via social channels.

Netflix he wrote: “Being silent means being complicit. The lives of African Americans matter. We are a streaming platform and we have a duty to our black members, employees, creatives and talents to raise their voices with them”.

Youtube He says: “We stand in total solidarity against racism and violence. When members of our community hurt, we hurt ourselves with them. We have therefore decided to invest a million dollars in support against social injustices“.

Hulu declares: “We support the Black Lives Matter. Today, like every other day. See you there. We listen to you. And we are with you. “

HBO change his Twitter name with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter and lets know: “‘It is not love or terror that blinds people: indifference does it’ – James Baldwin. We side with our African American colleagues, employees, fans, actors, storytellers – and with all those who are experiencing this senseless violence “.

Amazon Prime Video shares an image: “We side with the African American community – colleagues, artists, writers, storytellers, producers, all our viewers – and with all the allies in the battle against racism and injustice. #BlackLivesMetter“.

Quibi he writes: “Let’s stick together against the injustice #BlackLivesMetter“. IS Twitch He concludes: “Black people have suffered under the overwhelming weight of racism in America for too long. We cannot enjoy the creative contribution of African American communities and remain silent in the moment in which they suffer most. We ask you to join and stand together for #BlackLivesMetter by taking advantage of your time, something dear to you or your talent. Let’s not let today’s injustices prevent us from building a better tomorrow for our community. “

In array. Denzel Washington did it too.

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