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The accident around 10.40. The aircraft would have fallen after take-off and caught fire

Drama this morning in Nettuno. An ultralight plane crashed around 10.40 am, shortly after take-off at the Crazy Fly flight school in via Avezzano. The two people on board, dead, are two swimmers: the 22 year old from Castrocaro Terme Fabio Lombini (In Sport / Vigili del Fuoco) and the 23 year old Roman Giole Rossetti (Aurelia Nuoto) who seems to have been driving.

According to reports from the firefighters (rushed with 5 vehicles on site to tame the flames) the plane would have fallen after take-off and would have caught fire for causes to be ascertained. Lombini, silver at the 2017 absolute winter championships in the 200 freestyle in 1’44 “60 behind Filippo Megli and ahead of Filippo Magnini, already national at the Universiade of Taipei (with the gold medals of Paltrinieri and the Quadarella, with which he was part of the Fiamme Rosse group) and at the European championships in Copenhagen in 2017 in short tank, he was carrying out a collegiate training at the federal center of Ostia followed by the technical manager Stefano Morini and accompanied by his coach Alessandro Resch.

Pain Fin

The news, which appeared on the Fin website, quickly made the rounds of the experts, with the president of Federnuoto Paolo Barelli and his collaborators shocked and astonished. The charred remains of the two victims were recovered, while the National Flight Safety Agency (ANSV) opened an investigation into the accident by sending its own investigator to the site of the event.

Instagram Stories

On Lombini’s Instagram Stories there are the last moments before the flight, with the two boys happy to share their morning on the ultralight on social networks.

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