Nemo propheta at home, not even Balotelli. Skip the workout and say goodbye to June 30th


The feeling that Balotelli was endured, at Brescia, more than supported seems already evident for some time. In the last few weeks, for the optional training sessions, the former Liverpool and Milan center forward had never shown up. Then, after the news came out of the local press, Supermario also showed up at the sports center of Torbole Casaglia. Obviously without great desire.

INSANABLE BREAK – After finishing the various serological tests, Brescia has started collective training today in view of a return to normal, the matches on June 13 (or 20, will depend on the situation. But Balotelli did not show up in fact, formalizing a transfer that will be confirmed at the end of June, when it will be released from the contract with Rondinelle, without prolonging it, unless there is the FIGC. And even if it were, it seems strange that it can be on the field.

WHAT FUTURE FOR SUPERMARIO? To tell the truth it is difficult to understand. A year ago Flamengo, who then won Libertadores and arrived in the Intercontinental Cup final with Liverpool, had proposed dizzying figures for Balotelli. Now the situation seems more complicated, Although there is always an interest from Brazil, as well as from Turkey. One thing is evident: Nemo propheta in his homeland, not even Balotelli.


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