NBA, Steph Curry very hard on the Floyd case: ‘His life as a black man has no value’


In a post on Instagram comes the disdainful reaction of the No. 30 of the Golden State Warriors, which bluntly blames the brutality used by the police: “George [Floyd] he was not human, in the eyes of that policeman who voluntarily and slowly took his life ”. Magic Johnson also agrees: “We are seen as animals, not as humans”


After the immediate stance strong on the killing of George Floyd by the Lakers superstar LeBron James and the Golden State coach Steve Kerr, they come like boulders too the words of the Warriors All-Star Steph Curry, who posted the image of the accused police officer on his Instagram account – with the knee to press on the victim’s neck – accompanied by these words: “GEORGE FLOYD. If this picture doesn’t bother you and doesn’t infuriate you, I don’t know what to say. I have seen many people come forward and try to articulate their disgust and their anger now at the limit. George Floyd. George Floyd. George has a family. George didn’t deserve to die. George asked for help and was ignored, to prove if it was still necessary that his life as a black man has no value. George has been killed. George was not human in the eyes of that policeman which voluntarily and slowly took his life “, followed by the hashtag #georgefloyd. As proof, once again, that the racial problem within US society is more current than ever.

Magic Johnson: “We are human beings, not animals”

Another NBA legend along the same lines, this time from the past, as Magic Johnson wanted to make his voice heard, of highly listened man in the African American community. And even the great No. 32 of the Lakers did not use mincing words: “George Floyd was clearly killed by a police officer from Minneapolis. How many more times do we have to see black men killed on national TV? This story has already gone on too much. We have to start looking at black people like humans and not like animals in the streets ”

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