NBA, Michael Jordan and the anecdote about Pat Riley that has not been included in “The Last Dance”


There are many stories inevitably left out of the series of ten episodes dedicated to life and the last season in Chicago of the 23rd of the Bulls. Jason Hehir told one of these – the director of the long documentary, inevitably forced to make a selection even in the face of exclusive stories
When you find yourself doing a huge selection job like that done by Jason Hehir, the first thing to understand and have to live with is that so much good material will inevitably remain out of your series. “The Last Dance” has collected the best, or at least the necessary to tell the greatness of a character like Jordan, who by the same admission as the director of the series was the first to tell many details and details that never came out. Not only him, but also the other interviewees took advantage of the opportunity to better characterize the character MJ. Pat Riley – a historic rival of the Bulls, also did so on the bench in New York in the early 90s. Those against the Knicks were among the toughest challenges faced by Chicago in the 1990s, an opponent who was always punctually eliminated during the rides to the NBA title. Riley, however, said that Jordan’s desire to “assert” was not limited to parquet: “The former Knicks manager told me that after eliminating in the playoffs of 1992 or 1993 – Hehir says – he had decided to go on vacation in Hawaii in the summer. Riley had chosen to rent the presidential suite inside a five-star resort. After taking office, however, the managers of the facility called him to tell him that, due to the arrival of an unexpected guest, he had to vacate the room. “You can choose another one to your liking, everything is available to you, but you must leave the suite.” Once down in the pool after the move, Riley raised his head to “his” presidential room and found himself MJ looking out at the balcony who greeted him smiling “. This is what Jordan was: a man, even before a player, who always wanted to assert his success, even thousands of kilometers from the NBA parquet.

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