NBA, Alex Caruso promises: ‘I will be forgiven by Rihanna’


The Los Angeles Lakers guard spoke of Rihanna’s gaze towards her who has gone around the web: “If it happens again, I will go to her and give her five or something. For culture”


Alex Caruso in recent years he has become a darling of fans of the Los Angeles Lakers and the web in general. But there are also those who have set their eyes – literally – on him. The ESPN cameras, in fact, during the regular season they “caught” Rihanna while teaming up with the Lakers while on the pitch. An episode that made the rounds of social media (where Caruso is an idol) and that was brought to his mind during the podcast “The LiucciCast”: “If it happens again, I will try to do somethingSaid the guard. “I’ll go to her and give her five, or something. Just for culture“. Interesting prospect, even if the current situation does not allow many pindaric flights: when the NBA returns to the field this year it will certainly do so without an audience in the stands, and it will be a long time before music stars like Rihanna can fill the pitch to which they were used to or get in touch with players, if ever it will be possible in a post-coronavirus world. But dreaming costs nothing, and playing for the Lakers provides opportunities that under normal conditions a spinning player like Caruso would never have imagined.

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