NASA supercomputer on the field against Covid-19


The fight against the Covid-19 pandemic also passes through the computational resources of supercomputers around the world. In the USA, NASA has joined a consortium of companies and universities.

Supercomputers are also useful against the modern fight against viruses, and so NASA makes available to the scientific community the Ames Research Center located in California in Silicon Valley.

A supercomputer engaged in many things, but who has found space and computational resources to deal with some unresolved issues with Covid-19. Starting from the way in which the new coronavirus interacts with human cells, to the genetic factors that have the greatest impact, looking for drugs that can counteract the onset of the disease or cure it.

The strength of supercomputers, united, is even stronger

NASA’s supercomputer does not act in isolation, but is part of a consortium of institutions that have made resources available for their supercomputers to assist scientific research.

The White House Science and Technology Policy Office coordinated the work.

The consortium includes IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Amazon, Microsoft and many other companies. The National Science Foundation, U.S. universities and other American institutions are also involved.

After all, even in Europe we try to fight Sars-CoV-2 with supercomputers and Italy is in the front line with Marconi.

All against Covid-19

“This is not our usual job, but we have a supercomputer and experience to support research against Covid-19,” said Tsengdar Lee, NASA program manager in charge of the computing operations of the space agency, as reported by the website of the Nasa.

Super simulations against Covid-19

What NASA’s supercomputer is called to do are simulations of tools that help better understand the new coronavirus.

Then the supercomunter uses representative models of human cells that are attacked by the virus and returns the simulated reactions.

Covid-19 just doesn’t seem to have a chance anymore.

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