NASA, Musk, Bezos, Boeing and that desire for space of private individuals, who point to Mars


For the first private trip NASA has chosen two very experienced astronauts, Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken, with important missions behind them with the Shuttle, a couple each. Everything has been tested to perfection, the two astronauts have been kept in close isolation, more attentive than usual, because of the virus circulating all over the world: it would be a disaster if they brought it on board, as in the Alien films, but the scene will be different.

Same launch pad of the Apollo project in Cape Canaveral, the 39 A, another carrier rocket, with 9 equal engines to save economy, a shuttle, Dragon, already tested and in operation for transposing equipment to the ISS, obviously with a different set up , and choreography curated by Musk.

Just to give an idea of ​​discontinuity, the suits are simple and close-fitting, it is clear that one of our stylists did not design them, but they are different and seem almost dressed in the StarTrek series, helmets that are also almost like large-displacement motorcycles and to go up to the carrier rocket there will not be the legendary Astrovan, the small half golf course type that has always accompanied the astronauts, but a flaming Tesla car. Advertising above all.

Nine minutes that change everything

The spirit is also different, Musk speaks openly about space race, term abandoned for some time because it knows little about collaboration, the one that led to build the ISS with a concert of nations never seen, from Europe to the USA, from Canada to Japan. But the soul of industrialists is often oriented more towards competition than to the new collaborative philosophy which has been accelerated a great deal by social networks.

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