NASA has published! The image that stuns the world


There are such images that NASA sent to the world that it really locks on the screen for minutes. Here are those amazing images

These images, taken by NASA, reveal striking photos of the red planet Earth’s mysterious neighbor.

Curiosity, which seems almost a blue spot when the image is carefully looked at, stands on the edge of the mountain called Aolis Mons, around the Gale crater when the photo was taken, according to NASA’s statement.


You can see orange and blue stepped sedimentary rocks in the Meridiani Planum region near the equator of Mars in the part you can see above from these squares that have been trying to pull for many years.

A ‘sand devil’ on the surface of Mars … This image taken by Nasa’s Mars Exploration Satellite (MRO), orbiting around Mars since 2006, is truly stunning … But the main interesting image is in the next frame …


Recent images from the satellite, along with the coronavirus, revealed the incredible change in Italy. This image, taken months ago, is now in a very different form.


This image was taken in February; There is no big change in these images after January; however, it does not go unnoticed that the red zone is slightly reduced.

With the outbreak striking the country in March, the red zone fell from good to good. A similar situation happened in China. The satellite image of the country with the world’s most populated population came from NASA.


The red color on the map disappeared in China, which closed factories because of the virus threat. So air pollution fell from good to good. However, this was not the only image NASA sent to the world.

The American National Aviation and Space Agency (NASA) has released the most detailed panoramic image ever captured by the exploration tool Curiosity on the Red Planet Mars. However, the detail in the photo caused surprise.


According to NASA’s statement, the panoramic image is a combination of over 1000 photographs taken by Curiosity between November 24 and December 1, 2019. The composite was recorded to provide 1.8 billion pixels of the Mars landscape.

Curiosity landed on Mars’ Galley Crater in 2012. The stroller has gathered a lot of evidence that the Red Planet might have hosted the microbiological life of the past during the exploration activity.

However, recent images from Curiosity, NASA’s pupil on the Red Planet, who have been conducting research on Mars for a long time, make NASA look black and white.

According to the NASA statement, the vehicle, which did a better job than expected on the red planet, was previously identified; however, on one of the six aluminum wheels that are growing, there are cracks and gaps in two different places.

Curosity, which has been taking photos for years on the rugged terrain of Mars and sending these images to Earth, is getting bigger and bigger because of the difficult conditions it faces.

Although this fragmentation in the zigzag-shaped outer coating is under control for now, it is not known how it will follow in the future.

According to the NASA statement, Curiosity still has a long-lasting capacity and is thought to be able to go another 10 km, although it has performed more than 15 km in total.

This image is just one of the images that comes from Mars and nobody can comment.


The object clearly seen in another image recorded by NASA caused great excitement.

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