NASA finds evidence of parallel universes


Speak about Parallel universes in physics is not considered impossible, but when we lower the discussion into the knowledge of ordinary people we trespass in film science fiction. Yet, even in the absence of evidence of their real existence, NASA has always sought something that could give body to the physical theories of the 1950s, and it seems that the discovery of some anomalous signals picked up by an antenna installed in Antarctica could make to their case.

The first theories about the Multiverse were born in 1957 thanks to the physicist Hugh Everett, and thanks to ANITA, a transient pulse antenna installed at the South Pole, the American space agency has detected a particle that should not exist from the very high energy cosmic rays that meet our atmosphere.

NASA finds evidence of the existence of parallel universes

NASA scientists could therefore confirm the existence of parallel universes thanks to the neutrinos inside the cosmic rays. More specifically ANITA recordsthe particular type of radio waves produced by the movement in the earth’s magnetic field of the electrons released and strongly accelerated by the collision between neutrinos and the molecules of the atmosphere, which also create a rain of other particles “.

The body Peter Gorham he described the particle that “should not be there” in an article in the specialized magazine Physical Review Letter, commenting enthusiastically: “two universes formed at the time of the Big Bang. One is ours. The other is a world that proceeds in reverse“. These statements are based on the fact that high energy particles normally come from space through cosmic rays, while having detected a Tau neutrino (particularly heavy particle) getting out of Earth is so impossible in physics from leave room for the theory of parallel universes.

The only plausible explanation that Gorham has found is in fact that neutrinos in cosmic rays can travel in spacetime, change their state before arriving on Earth and then going back. So if a Tau neutrino escapes from Earth instead of coming from space, it is likely that it comes from a parallel universe where physics is turned upside down.

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