Naples, Higuain excluded from the Argentine top 11


Even the Naples wanted to celebrate on social media in Spanish the “Dia della Patria” Argentine: the 25 in fact, is the day in which the formation of the first Argentine government is celebrated after the May revolution of 1810. The blue club participated in the party, very much felt at home, posting its formation with the top 11 Argentines who wore the Napoli shirt. First of all of course Maradona.

Higuain absent

But in addition to those present, one also notices absent, excluding excellent, one above all. Is missing Higuain. Yet the Hangnail with the blue shirt he made the record of 36 goals in one championship, still unbeaten, he won one Italian Cup it’s a Italian Super Cup. It must have been the stormy farewell to move to Juventus to decree the exclusion or only a technical choice? “With this team we can win on any field” read on the Spanish post of Napoli. Among others it is also missing Sivori, while the formation, lined up as in a classic team photo, sees Maradona, Bertoni, Campagnaro, Fernandez, Ayala, Andujar, José Sosa, Roberto Sosa, Pineda, Lavezzi and Datolo starting from the top left.

Naples, Gattuso changes look after the quarantine

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