Naples, good news arrives for Gattuso! The blues are played (almost) all in the next races


Napoli will play most of their season in the next official matches of Gennaro Gattuso’s team, those of the Italian Cup.

Serie A is ready to restart. Italian teams will be back on the field on June 20. The season of Napleshowever, we could decide a few days earlier. On 13 (or 14) June Gennaro Gattuso’s Azzurri will face Inter in the Italian Cup semifinal. On the 17th the eventual final. A news that could be decidedly positive for the bells. All the Napoli players, unlike those of Conte, remained in Italy during the quarantine period.

While several Inter players went abroad (Brozovic, Handanovic, Lukaku, Eriksen, Moses, Young and Godin), Napoli players remained in Campania observing the training schedule imposed by the blue staff. If the Neapolitans overtook Inter in the final, they could face Juventus. Many Juventus players in recent weeks have left Italy (think, among others, of Ronaldo and Higuain) and may not be at their best for the next official matches. In short: Napoli could have great chances of winning the Italian Cup. Winning a trophy would save an otherwise disappointing season …

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