Naples-Florence hot axis: exchange Ghoulam and Pezzella more than a hypothesis. No viola for Milenkovic


Between Naples and Fiorentina there may be some business in store. The exchange between the Algerian full back and the South American defender could be more than a hypothesis.

At the moment they are only shy approaches, later, when the market will take shape at the end of this incredible season. Fiorentina likes it Faouzi Ghoulam, left-handed Algerian full back of Napoli. At the same time Napoli would like to Nikola Milenkovic, having suffered a first no from the Viola (over 30 million estimate it), and also looks with interest to the Argentine central German Pezzella, captain of Iachini’s team. At the moment the information taken by both clubs leads to assessments of around 20 million, requested by Napoli for the Algerian, while Fiorentina also asks for more for Pezzella. In the middle, however, there is a disastrous economic situation for everyone.

This is why a Ghoulam-Pezzella exchange could eventually come in handy for both clubs that would put the most useful piece in their staff without a large outlay. On the table there is also the hypothesis of an onerous loan since Ghoulam comes from a long period of injuries and few games played. We’ll see. In the past, the De Laurentiis-Della Valle feeling was there, also for joint business of entrepreneurs (see Cinecittà World) now with Commisso the management has changed, but the good relations between the sports directors, Giuntoli and Pradè, could favor negotiations . This was reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport.

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