Naples, contact for Emmanuel Dennis: outside and tip, here’s the price! Osimhen walks away


An intermediary on behalf of Napoli took information on Emmanuel Dennis, striker owned by Club Brugge.

Emmanuel Dennis of the Bruges it’s the latest home market idea Naples. The strong Nigerian player has found an admirer in the blue club, committed to probing the international scene in search of offensive reinforcements of perspective. Dennis would be part of a series of names taken into consideration by the leadership of Campania, in light of his age (22 years), of the qualities of a sprinter good in dribbling and the ability to act both from the tip and from outside high or in midfield. A well-known Italian sports agent asked for information on the footballer against the Neapolitans.

The intermediary with whom Napoli has interfaced has reported a price that, at the moment, would be close to 25-30 million euros. At the same time, the track Victor Osimhen cools down: the Lille player has put in standby speeches about his future, because he was shaken by the recent loss of his father. His entourage, however, would be keeping in touch with Premier League teams, preferential destination in the player’s ideas for issues of language, charm and also of an economic nature. We are still in May and it is early to say what will happen, but for now there is a certain distance between the ’98 class and Napoli.

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