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Many journalists ended up in the network of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Perugia investigating corruption, supervising their cell phone, the public prosecutor Luca Palamara, president of the ANM for four years before joining the Superior Council of the judiciary, from which he was suspended last summer following the scandal over the piloted appointments of prosecutors. After the interceptions that Libero published exclusively in recent days, yesterday the portal put online the information of the investigation which contains the summaries and some excerpts of telephone conversations between Palamara and various reporters. The document also lists some interceptions in which Palamara himself speaks with other interlocutors about his relations with journalists. We offer below large excerpts of the information, where names known as those of two faces very familiar to the television audience appear: Giovanni Minoli (to whom at some point Palamara turns to ask him for advice on the opportunity to give a television interview to Lucia Annunziata to answer the accusations) and Luigi Marzullo. Then there are several reporters from agencies, televisions and newspapers that turn to the public prosecutor to make an appointment for a meeting or an interview, sometimes only to ask him about the judicial affair that sees him involved, in some cases to ask him for a personal favor. Finally, we propose two conversations between Palamara and his fellow public prosecutor Stefano Fava (also investigated by the Prosecutor of Perugia in the investigation into the scandal that hit the CSM) and with the deputy of the Democratic Party Luca Lotti (involved in the affair) in which the magistrate he prides himself on directing his journalists as he likes.

29.5.2019 Palamara x Giovanni Minoli. Palamara tells him that La Repubblica is the answer to Il Fatto. Claudio Tito from La Repubblica asked him if he wants to reply and Palamara asks Minoli for advice if it is appropriate to reply and if he should talk about everything. Minoli asks to meet for dinner. Palamara still cannot answer him since he is wondering if he should go to Perugia. Palamara had known these things for two years, but he learned this from the newspapers. They will resent.

29.5.2019 (Francesco, ed.) Grignetti (La Stampa, ed.) For Palamara. Palamara says that today he will not give interviews, but tells him to make two reports: 1) on September 26 the news came out for the first time in the newspapers and he should see when the file arrived from Rome to Perugia; 2) on the facts mentioned in the article of Il Fatto, in addition to those described days ago by the journalist (Liana, ed.) Milella, Palamara tells him that he must check when he arrived at the CSM. Palamara will confirm if he will be questioned.

29.5.2019 Palamara for Barocci Silvia (Rai3, ed.). Palamara tells her that it’s okay for him (referring to his participation in the transmission In Mezz ‘Ora of Rai 3 by Lucia Annunziata, as in the previous phone call, ed.), Following the outcome of the possible interrogation of Perugia that he requested today. Barocci invites him not to release other interviews, that is, that there is an exclusive only for them. Palamara answers in the affirmative and reports that if he goes on the broadcast he will talk about important things. Palamara will let you know as soon as he has knowledge.

22.4.2019 Palamara for Rosa Polito (Agi, ed.). Polito wishes Palamara. Palamara tells the woman that they will organize a party when and if the “black period” passes. Polito concludes by saying goodbye to Giovanna and the boys.

05/29/2019 Simona Olleni (Agi, ed.) For Palamara. Olleni reports that she read “her thing”, the one where she learned the crime from the press. Olleni will correct this writing by eliminating the first paragraph. It will be published immediately. The two use a confidential tone.

05/29/2019 Whistles Sandra (Ansa, ed.) X Palamara. They talk about the correction of the statement prepared by Palamara in reply to the newspaper articles that appeared today.

05/29/2019 Valeria Di Corrado (Il Tempo, ed.) For Palamara. Palamara reports that he relies on what has already been said in the press release. He hopes he can be heard in the Prosecutor’s Office and that he has heard the news from the newspapers. They will resent.

06/06/2019 Vincenzo Bisbiglia (Il Fatto Quotidiano, ed.) For Palamara. He asks him about his wife’s account regarding his employment at the Lazio Region and about any contacts with Zingaretti or with other people of the same body. Palamara claims that he never intervened and that his wife has a respectable curriculum.

7.6.2019 (Federico, ed.) Marietti (Tg5, ed.) For Palamara. The two converse, then intervene Carmelo Sardo, editor in chief and agree on the meeting for the interview at the law firm of Palamara, located in Rome, via Circonvallazione Clodia n.29.

5.3.2019 Private switchboard of Palazzo Chigi that passes the Dr Marzullo Luigi to Dr. Palamara. The two set out to resent meeting at the “Catanese” on Friday or Monday next both days in the late afternoon.

4.5.2019 Palamara Luca x Salvaggiulo Giuseppe (La Stampa, ed.). Palamara asks him to give you some, so Salvaggiulo asks him “but am I wrong or has it slowed down a bit? I speak of the appointments” and Palamara replies no by adding that they are on the way to squaring the circle and that “will be unlocked shortly “. Palamara then asked “ok, why, let’s say, has the exam in committee not started yet?” he replies “no, but everything is ready, the opinions have arrived eh … they are instructing the paperwork … so we are … they are ready to be brought to committee now”. Palamara, when asked about the timing, replies that he feels Tuesday / Wednesday for more precise data. Palamara on demand “so will we know when, we will have the Prosecutor of Rome, Turin and so on, will we know everything together, will we have … in pieces?” answers “in my opinion together”, always adding on demand “with a broad agreement or the step (incomprehensible)?”, “and this, still external that is there, the exact same terms in which we had spoken that evening … the situation”. Salvaggiulo asks to be clearer but Palamara repeats that still nothing is decided or that two convergences are being worked on specifying that “the squad is quite restricted”. Salvaggiulo therefore says that he will take time and wait for his message. Palamara accepts by specifying that on Tuesday there will also be Pignatone’s greeting. The two quindos agree that it could also be the right day. They say goodbye.

15.5.2019 … PALAMARA continues to speak in her office with Stefano Fava pleasantries on where Stefano Fava goes to eat at 03:20
PALAMARA was the article in the PRESS not bad or not?
Stefano FAVA no what is crazy about that article you know what it is?
Stefano FAVA did you pay for it though?
PALAMARA (incomprehensible) I know him! when, that piece of IELO you say?
Stefano FAVA exactly
PALAMARA that piece by Pi Stefano
FAVA exactly that’s crazy … that’s really crazy
Stefano FAVA that is, wait for these from AREA
PALAMARA what did they say? you can’t understand Eugene stopped me pissed
Stefano FAVA yes Eugenio says here we go back to the port of the mists (incomprehensible)
PALAMARA I told him look you never wrote it, I told him when he wrote it, he stopped me he said you saw go back look he didn’t write that he wrote something else he wrote
Stefano FAVA no but they say we go back to the mist port
PALAMARA but the article does not write it, the journalist writes another thing, he has been faithful in the reconstruction
Stefano FAVA that the …
PALAMARA I have it here
Stefano FAVA that the main reason is IELO! That is just right
Stefano FAVA that his followers are Pignatone Sabelli and Ielo … but the discontinuity, the cause of the discontinuity is really Ielo that is just the crazy passage isn’t it?
PALAMARA Of course
PALAMARA reads a piece of the article they discuss that has coordinated the most delicate corruption investigations pointed out by the single (incomprehensible) anti PIGNATONE frond
Stefano FAVA of the necessity of discontinuity, that is the passage … which is then true
PALAMARA laughs is this
Stefano FAVA because I told him yesterday
PALAMARA he will one day have to explain why he got in his hands
Stefano FAVA at VINCENZI I told him
PALAMARA what did VINCENZi say?
Stefano FAVA I would distinguish
PALAMARA for those who support VINCENZI?
Stefano FAVA and what you say but Nello ROSSI is a yesman. In fact I would distinguish
PALAMARA and what do you want?
Stefano FAVA from management until 2016 I told him
Stefano FAVA in the PIGNATONE affair I would distinguish
PALAMARA exact and then it crashed
Stefano FAVA (incomprehensible) and then from the advent of IELO onwards
PALAMARA is from there he fell, he kept it
Stefano FAVA the situation in my opinion

15.5.2019 PALAMARA no … today when all the newspapers talk today (incomprehensible), have you read the article in the Press?
LOTTI I read it, I read it, La Stampa and also il Fatto Quotidiano
PALAMARA no but La Stampa as it was … as it is … who did it
LOTS no no I read I read because Garofoli della Stampa told me, no but it is precise
PALAMARA but the passage that I made him put? LOTS no no (incomprehensible) that is, I had sensed that there had been a …
PALAMARA This is a smart guy
LOTTI SALVAGGIULO what name is it? PALAMARA is one … he is a friend of a writer friend of mine
LOTS because he asked me (incomprehensible) Luca sent me but who is this journalist here I don’t know but Cosimo didn’t think you were behind
PALAMARA ah yes?
LOTS Cosimo … no no
PALAMARA ah went under him
LOTTI and asked who was me, I asked Luca but who is this (incomprehensible) journalist who wrote him, three articles he wrote
PALAMARA, however, is a good boy (incomprehensible) he understood the whole situation and already knew, he knows everything about Perugia and everything, he is prepared … I said to him prepared that I get here … I told him things
LOTTI however sorry
PALAMARA and I know you are here
LOTTI this stuff here affects the added in your opinion?
PALAMARA And I don’t know, that is, I have to understand what I mean … that is, I owe you
LOTS (incomprehensible) normal but it affects
PALAMARA That is, we must see now that it comes out, that is, now I should slow down … that is, be a prosecutor and slow down the adjunct, right?
LOTS Yes, slow down until July
PALAMARA sure they block them, it suits me easier game, is that not? that gives me, that’s removal
LOTS and Tuesdays make 4 1 1
PALAMARA In the meantime I can say I know how to do it because I didn’t know how it was going no, that is to say, it’s better for me that we slow down and so we displease them because they because they do it because they are afraid that we were now about to do it, says these do Rome and I don’t? In between so first VIOLA has that problem
LOTS these do … they do all in
PALAMARA (incomprehensible) problem
LOTS but on Tuesday as four one one or four one (incomprehensible)
PALAMARA and then they what they don’t accept is that I do this battle because while they move you serve everything in turn
LOTS No, however, Luca wants to be in the trenches eh
PALAMARA are there now

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