Nainggolan returns to stay. Even in society they vote yes


Radja Nainggolan at Inter has shown very little of his immense talent. Despite some decisive goals (especially the one that decided the Champions League race), Ninja himself admitted that he did not feel up to it during the experience in Milan.

Then the streets of the club and the midfielder separated, despite the esteem of Conte, who has always wanted to work with Nainggolan. Now, thanks to a complicated ransom and the coronavirus emergency, Nainggolan could really become the surprise arrow for the Nerazzurri coach.

“If then opportunity of a market more than ever subject to the consequences of the pandemic they will be able to do Radja an “exchange pawn” then he can also find a home elsewhere but the point, beyond the economic issues that currently make it his return from Cagliari is inevitable (the Sardinian club is not in a position to redeem it), is that by the Nerazzurri club and above all by Antonio Conte there is no foreclosure to his reinstatement in pink. Indeed, from the technical point of view, the Nerazzurri coach is ready to make Nainggolan his new personal betobviously to be won“, Sportmediaset underlines today.

The player is looking forward to the hour

“And if Conte wants to try to invest his attention on the Belgian, Nainggolan himself has the desire to bet on himself, not only for the two-year contract that still binds him to Inter, but instead to demonstrate that he is still in all respects a player capable of carving out a non-marginal role in a highly competitive context “.

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