Murder Floyd, protest in the US is rampant


Protests over the murder of African American George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis Monday after a policeman, who was arrested and indicted, held him on the ground with his knee pressed to his neck, spread to all America. Protests continued last night in the cities of Minnesota, Washington, Louisville, Kentucky, New York City, Atlanta, Denver, Houston, San Jose and Bakersfield, California, Chicago, Detroit and other cities.

The alarm in the White House has also gone off in Washington when the demonstrators, who had gathered near Pennsylvania Avenue, managed to get past the hurdles of the Secret Service and collided with the police. Journalists inside the White House reported that they were prevented from leaving the building for a while.

In many cities, including Boston, Fort Wayne and Atlanta, police used tear gas to disperse demonstrators. In Atlanta, agents were forced to barricade themselves at the entrance to the CNN headquarters building stormed. In California, a video is circulating showing how a black Toyota deliberately lashed out at the demonstrators at Bakersfied, but it is still unclear whether there are any injured. New protests also in Los Angeles where demonstrators blocked one of the city highways.

In Los Angeles, the police declared the blockade on the highway illegal and ordered the crowd to disperse: in the clashes, Lapd reports, two officers were injured. Protests also in Dallas, where a crowd of demonstrators gathered in front of the Texas city police headquarters. The mayor, Eric Johnson, in a tweet said he “understands anger and shares pain” for what happened in Minneapolis which is “unacceptable”. “But please remain peaceful,” concluded the African American Democrat.

Portland, Oregon is among the over 20 American cities where protests are taking place, with local police declaring the state of revolt and ordering demonstrators to disperse

In Minneapolis, gunshots were fired at officers near the fifth police district, according to reports from the city’s public security department which has been the scene of clashes and protests for days. In a tweet, the department specified that no injuries were recorded and then warned the protesters: “Leave the area or you will be arrested”.

In Detroit, a young man was killed from the firearms fired by someone inside an SUV in the direction of the demonstrators, the spokeswoman for the Michigan city police department announced that the accident occurred on Friday evening at 11.30 pm local time near the Greektown district, where clashes took place between demonstrators and agents. The victim is a 19-year-old who was pronounced dead on arrival in the hospital. The mayor of the city, Michael Hancock, condemned the “unnecessary, senseless, destructive” violence that has occurred in the Colorado capital. “Once again, the violence of a few obscures legitimate demands for justice.”

“I don’t breathe”: police stop him, African American dies

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