Municipalities, Prime Minister Conte after the summit: “I will not allow them to fail”. Decaro (Anci): “Now follow the facts, you need another 3 billion”


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The main request are another 3 billion euros in addition to those already allocated in the relaunch decree, which the premier Giuseppe Conte is committed to ensuring. THE Common Italians want a government further effort and greater involvement in emergency management coronavirus, also because otherwise “they will skip the essential services of all cities ”, they wrote yesterday in a letter addressed precisely to Conte. The Prime Minister met today with the mayors of metropolitan cities and at the end of the summit said: “I will not allow the Municipalities fail“. A “personal commitment” that “We appreciate“, Replied the president of the ANCI, Antonio Decaro, adding: “Follow the facts: as soon as possible the Ministry of Finance individuals standards and resources to make the three billion available to us indispensable to deal with essential services for citizens “.

After the meeting with the mayors, Prime Minister Conte explained: “I understand that there may be dissatisfaction and also concern from your part”. But, he added, “you must acknowledge that there has never been one underestimation on the great role that you actually carried out in this emergency “. In the Relaunch decree, the government provided for this 3 billion to be allocated to Municipalities, in response to a request from the National Association which was already at least 5 billion in total at the time. “Already on Friday the first billion euros will be transferred to ours Local societies“The Minister of Economy explained Tuesday in the hearing, Roberto Gualtieri, then specifying that it is the government is ready “if necessary a integrate further the resources allocated ”. Municipalities ask for additional funds for compensate in particular, the lack of tax revenues: the revenues from the sale of tax revenues have dropped tickets of public transportation, not to mention the City tax, of the Tari or Tosap. Money that mayors need to guarantee for example the rubbish collection, public transport and thelighting.

The five requests of the Municipalities to Conte
As they anticipated in the letter sent to the premier, the mayors exposed to Conte five points fundamentals on which they demand the government’s commitment. First of all, explains Decaro, “the recognition of role of mayors in the implementation of policies for recovery throughdirect assignment of funds for culture, tourism, mobility and welfare “. Just in fact “another 3 billion, in addition to the 3 allocated in the relaunch decree, for close budgets compensating for less revenue of these months “. Another request is to return more flexible the rules “relating to financial constraints” with “extraordinary rules for the management of budgetary imbalances for 2020 ″. Decaro also underlines the importance of “suspension of return plans for all the Municipalities for 2020 and the procedures concerning the verification of the multi-year rebalancing plans “. Finally, the last point concerns the “simplified rules and commissioner powers for the realization of some priority works and urgent “.

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