Mumbai hospitals are inundated with covid-19 cases


For weeks, the emergency room of the Sion hospital in Mumbai, India, has been unable to manage the large number of patients who have symptoms of new coronavirus infection. A video shared in recent days on Indian social networks and filmed by the BBC shows people leaning against each other on beds and stretchers, connected in two to a single oxygen cylinder or lying on the floors. Doctors note that the hospital, which is located near Dharavi, the largest slum in Asia, is always overcrowded but the emergency triggered by the new coronavirus has created an unsustainable situation.

Mumbai, where more than twenty million people live, has been suffering from the harshest consequences of the pandemic since the beginning of May. With over 59,500 cases recorded and nearly 1,700 deaths, Mumbai and its state, Maharashtra, have become the epicenter of the crisis in India. The peak of the infections was recorded on May 6 but since then the curve shows no sign of flattening, writes the Guardian. Across India, covid-19 cases are more than 150 thousand and the deaths have been around four thousand.

Authorities try to ease the burden of public health facilities with solutions similar to those adopted by China: a field hospital with a thousand beds and an intensive care unit was built in the financial district of the city, while some stadiums and other recreational facilities have been converted into treatment centers.

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