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Florence, 23 May 2020 – Stefano Mugnai, deputy group leader of Forza Italia in the Chamber of Deputies and former president of the Commission of Inquiry of the Tuscany Region on the Forteto speaks on the news of the murder of Mihaela by Francesco Borgheresi. Hoping that the murderer will pay for his responsibilities, Mugnai reconstructs the context in which Borgheresi was raised, at Forteto. Here is the text:

“I slept little and badly tonight.
Last night, just as I was going to bed Sergio Pietracito informed me with a couple of wapp messages that Francesco Borgheresi had killed a woman in Cuneo, whose name was Mihaela Apostolides. I know little about the murder, except for the fact that Borgheresi confessed.
I don’t know the poor victim, but I met the murderer, Francesco Borgheresi, the author of this yet another, terrible femicide.
I met Borgheresi because as President of the Commission of Inquiry on the Forteto of the Tuscany Region Council, I summoned him as a witness in 2012. His mother is Giovanna Leoncini, former university professor, faithful of Rodolfo Fiesoli, the “Prophet” of Forteto and firm assertor of the theory of “functional family“. It is she who, according to many witnesses, coined the name of the cooperative / sect, the Forteto, that is the most intricate, hidden, dark and difficult to reach of the forest… Fiesoli liked it. And so what we all knew as Forteto began to be Forteto.
I decided to summon Borgheresi since I was struck by a story supported by multiple testimonials from a child, like everyone else at Forteto, entrusted not to natural parents, but to a functional family composed by Luciano Barbagli and Daniela Tardaniwhich will be definitively sentenced to six years and four months in prison, together with Fiesoli.

It was the story of a child who was left to sleep on a landing because he had peed in bed. Soaked with pee, weeping, left all night on the bare and cold floor of a landing. With the people of the sect who before dawn got up to go to work at the dairy or to groom the beasts and who, seeing him on the ground soaked with his own pissthey passed over him without lifting a finger. As if it were the most normal thing in the world. And in fact at Forteto it was not such a particular thing. There, in fact, for decades many other things have happened, even worse, as if they were the most normal in the world.

Francesco came to the commission and told us how in fact had been rejected by the mother in the name of functional family theory and how he managed with many difficulties to leave for the military service to escape Forteto.
He had managed to escape from the Forteto, from the physical place, but nobody can ever escape from their history.
What he did, killing a person, a woman, is horrible. The investigation that has just begun will clarify every aspect.

And if, as seems evident, Borgheresi is responsible, it is right that you pay all the way.

But how can we not think that what happened yesterday in Cuneo began to take shape, to be shaped, in the 70s in Mugello, at Forteto? How can we not think that when Evil is so strong, scientific, assiduous it continues, like an atomic bomb, to release other evil, other deadly radiations, after years and kilometers from where it exploded?
How can we not think that all those who have passed through Forteto, victims and executioners – also because there, often, at the same time, they were victims and executioners – need help, especially those who grew up in that world where the most important values were they completely reversed?
How not to think that Mihaela had nothing to do with that mischievous sect, but who is yet another victim of it?
Because of these thoughts, I slept very little and badly tonight. “
Hon. Stefano Mugnai

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