“Mud has short legs, criminals are in government” – Libero Quotidiano


Alessandro Sallusti he feels a “sense of shame” for the many who in politics and journalism “have tried with taste to poison the air”, giving life to a “squalid witch hunt”. Especially against the Lombardy with Northern League traction, with the governor Attilio Fontana which even had to appear before the judges. “The truth is that everyone has given and done everything possible – writes the director of The newspaper – were mistakes made? Of course, at all levels. ”

And since yesterday evening we also know who made the biggest: the government, which had the task of activating the red area in the two Lombard municipalities which proved to be intense outbreaks, believed to be among the causes of the uncontrolled propagation of the virus. To put the executive before their responsibilities was the prosecutor of Bergamo: “The Democratic Party and the Five Stars – underlines Sallusti – have requested and obtained a commission of inquiry into the ‘Lombardy case’ (in their head it should be a kind of Nuremberg ), now they know who to press and to point out as criminals: their party and government comrades. If we weren’t talking about the greatest post-war tragedy, we would be smiling. The maximum is true: lies have short legs ”.

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