Movida with the mayor in Avellino. Crowd between choirs and raised fists: “We are not Salerno”


It was supposed to discourage nightlife, the pedestrian area built in the heart of the city at the behest of the mayor and instead ended up encouraging it. And in the midst of the movement, between choruses and gatherings, he found himself, the first citizen. It happens in Avellino, where in the late evening of yesterday, Gianluca Festa, the mayor, was filmed while standing motionless in the center of the pedestrian area talking smiling to hundreds of boys and young people who crowded the area. In several videos that are making the rounds of the web they see themselves very young – some with the mask lowered or even without – who jump, sing and sing chorus against nearby Salerno with the cry of “We are not Salerno” (more than one has us caught a polemical reference to the President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca, Salerno doc and declared enemy of the “movida”) while the mayor, also of the Democratic Party as the Governor, his face covered by a green mask (the color of the city) and the hands rolling in the air, invites us to sing “Avellino we are”. Fists to the sky, big jumps, songs and after a while a group of guys who detach themselves from the crowded block and approach Party to take a selfie and capture the moment. The images, rebounded from the early morning today on social media, are raising protests and indignation and not only in Avellino. Luca Cipriano, the head of the opposition in the city council, who posted the videos on his Facebook profile denouncing “dismay and discouragement”, is ready to fight. “We are already preparing the complaint to be sent to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Quaestor and the Prefect – he says to HuffPost – and we are evaluating with the lawyers the dissolution request of the City Council to be sent to the Ministry of the Interior on the basis of the article of the Legislative Decree 267 of 2000 which provides for serious and persistent violations of the law as well as for serious reasons of public order to be ordered for acts contrary to the Constitution. Those images are shameful. ” And many are wondering what the reaction of Governor De Luca will be.

For his part, the mayor, reiterating the belief that with young people they serve “empathy and listening are needed”, in a post on Facebook published late in the morning he specified that he wanted to do “the inspection on the pedestrian area, to make sure that even the resumption of the nightlife was in full compliance with the rules “and to have” found a peaceful and cheerful atmosphere. I stopped to say goodbye to many young people I met along my way, enthusiastic about the newfound freedom. I took this nice opportunity to meet – Festa writes – to stimulate them to responsibility and to explain to them that it is good to still be careful, freedom will come but now we must continue to follow the rules safely. I spent a few minutes with them, in a playful and playful way ”. Then an attack on the many criticisms received: “Does anyone bother me that I am in contact with my people? Would anyone prefer me behind a desk to sign restrictive rules? I am the mayor of the Avellinesi. And where Avellino’s life is there, I am. Look elsewhere, here I am keeping everything under control. “

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