“Movida will not affect contagions”: immunologist goes against the current


    <h2>Le Foche: "I'm not worried about the second wave"</h2>


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    <p>"<strong>The pandemic is in the Cesarini area</strong>: our behavior must therefore be even more responsible ". He said it <strong>Francis</strong> <strong>The</strong> <strong>Seals</strong>, clinical immunologist, on the microphones of Rai Radio 2. "I believe that<strong> the emergency will end before the vaccine arrives</strong>, which however cannot be doubted in conceptual theoretical terms. We're at a good point, <strong>some were even injected</strong> and they produced neutralizing antibodies. <strong>I'm not worried about a second wave</strong>".

On the chances that the virus is weakening: “The cases that come to the emergency room seem to me syndromes less aggressive than before. The following deduction is that after the lockdown the amount of virus circulating has shrunk enormously“.

The reason? “It could be one reduction in viral load that infects the patient – replied Le Foche -. The virus then tends to reduce its aggressiveness with respect to the cell it infects ”.

In Brescia a virus of a different type has been isolated from what we normally saw – he added -. Even in China. Viruses of this type replicate a lot but are not as aggressive. ”

on therapies intensive: “We have greatly reduced the number of patients, so the syndrome is very different from what we saw some time ago. The lockdown was really important“.

The Seals on the nightlife: “It won’t affect you very much”

“The Italians behaved perfectly – stressed Le Foche -, beyond these movida that I do not think can affect very much“.

According to the expert it is appropriate to “talk about interpersonal distance, but not social. There is no need to confuse these concepts. ”

Furthermore, according to Le Foche one must “avoid access to alcohol that could favor disinhibition which leads to inappropriate behavior. We need to speak in the right way to young people, who have all the conditions and characteristics to accept this modus vivendi. Give them credible and empathic communication to get them into a forma mentis that is respectful of public health“.

VIRGILIO NEWS | 28-05-2020 09:55

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