MOVIDA, the parents of the BOYS will soon fall ill. Here are the words of Dr. Lopalco


Pierluigi Lopalco, epidemiologist, launches the ALARM on MOVIDA

To the
CORONAVIRUS someone is reacting selfishly. Who are we talking about? Of young people,
of the boys, who in recent days, have poured en masse through the alleys,
in bars and pubs to savor the MOVIDA suddenly abandoned
a few months ago following the restrictive measures implemented by the government
With you. Why do they act selfishly? Simple: true COVID-19 target,
as widely demonstrated, are the adults and the elderly even if they are not
missed patients between 20 and 35 years.

Therefore yes
they feel the right to do what they want, “so much for us, the VIRUS does not
It hits. ” “The
possible effects of the nightlife, he said the virologist epidemiologist dr. Pierluigi
, the head of the emergency task force CORONAVIRUS, not
we will see them in a week, but they will be seen much further, at least around
mid June. A possible circulation of the virus among young people turns out a lot
late, because between
young the virus circulates in a subtle and asymptomatic way. We will notice it
when they pass the disease on to their parents

And goes on: “If there was any among the boys
which activated transmission chains, we have to wait two or three
generations of cases,
therefore they serve three weeks minimum. There are as many as 21 indicators developed by the
Ministry of Health to understand how the epidemic is going. The effects
openings will be monitored, even if not quickly “.

Lopalco also points out that “on social media it winds
a denial and conspiracy information that the virus is ultimately
a whole invention. The VIRUS in young subjects it rarely gives disease
 serious but gives infection that can be transmitted. We must make it clear that
it can affect everyone. Finally, as regards the
“controversy over numbers that are not reliable, leave the time that
find. On the numbers we can discuss, on quality and completeness, but in
moment when the numbers were to be liars, definitely not
will be hospitalizations. “

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