Movida and coronavirus: fines of up to three thousand euros and managers risk licensing


Targeted checks in the squares and in all the places where you meet for an aperitif, but also for having lunch outside. Patrols until late evening in the streets of nightlife to carry out checks and prevent people from being too close, crowded and above all without a mask. And so block those risky situations that can bring back the infections. Because it is true that outdoors there is no obligation to stay with your mouth and nose covered, but you must do it when it is not possible to keep the distance of at least one meter from the others.

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Two circulars

The first measure had been taken on Tuesday 19 May when the chief of staff Matteo Piantedosi had signed the circular implementing the decree signed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. Addressing the prefects, he highlighted “the ban on gathering people in public places or open to the public”. Yesterday morning a similar initiative was taken by the prefect Gabrielli, who addressed the Quaestors stressing the need to ensure “compliance with the ban on the aggregation of people and observance of measures of social distancing”.

The controls

The consequence is immediate. Since yesterday evening, police, carabinieri and financiers have been entrusted, of course, in addition to the local police, checks in all the most frequented areas starting from 6 in the afternoon. Most of the patrols hitherto engaged in carrying out the self-certification checks during the lockdown will now concentrate in the historic centers of the cities, in all those places full of clubs and bars where you meet to drink, eat, or simply to chat. They will go to the symbolic neighborhoods of nightlife where children, but also adults, gather in the evening. Patrols carried out in the car, but also checks among people to determine whether the rules are respected.

The fines

The methods of intervention were established by the minister and by Gabrielli himself who in recent weeks – when it came to monitoring compliance with the lockdown or in any case the limitation to travel – they had called on law enforcement officers “to be severe but still to behave with humanity, because rather than striking you have to make people understand”. Now the danger of going back, causing the contagions to rise with the risk of new and drastic closures of towns and cities, is very high. What is happening are the two key weeks because they follow the choice to restart activities, but also social life. And therefore the first intervention will be “an invitation” to respect the ban and to stay away, but if it does not have any effect, the sanction will be applied: from 400 to 3,000 euros in fine. The consequences for bar and restaurant managers are even more serious. The government’s decision to authorize outdoor tables even in higher numbers than allowed – moreover without charging the tax on occupation of public land – was made precisely to encourage activities, but they too will have to enforce the prohibitions from customers otherwise they risk the fine and even the temporary suspension of the license.

Prohibited areas

Delegated measures are added to personal measures to the statutory auditors who “may order the temporary closure of specific public areas or areas open to the public, where it is impossible to adequately ensure respect for the distance”. Real “red zones” closed to traffic to prevent Covid-19 from entering and continuing to be transmitted among citizens.

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