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It is incredible what happened to Avellino. The center left mayor Gianluca Festa appears at the center of the nightlife of the capital of Irpinia while leading the choirs of a crowd of boys – without protection or distancing – against Salerno. In the face of the coronavirus and the risk of infection. To post the videos of the wild night of the mayor, journalist and former basketball player, is the opposition town councilor Luca Cipriano who immortalized Festa – never a name was more appropriate – in the pedestrian area between Via De Conciliis and viale Italia, in the center of the city of Campania and which in recent days has been a nightlife and gathering place.

“At the center of the images is the Mayor of Avellino, a little while ago, in the maxi pedestrian area that he wanted in the city center to avoid nightlife. The video speaks for itself,” writes Cipriano. In the videos you can admire Festa who first says something to the haughty party, then they attack the choirs against the “rivals” of Salerno. Someone also likes a bottle of sparkling wine, a toast to the face of the coronavirus.

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