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After June 3, we will have greater freedom and some of the most hated bans of the pandemic phase 1 will disappear. But not everything will return as before: some things will remain prohibited. Here are the 5 rules that we must continue to respect:

1. The mask
It will remain mandatory in indoor places accessible to the public, including means of transport.

Coronavirus, using the mask on public transport is fundamental: the simulation is disturbing

2. Social distancing: no kisses or hugs
We will have to continue to maintain the safety distance of one meter. So forbidden kisses, hugs, handshakes. Unless you live in the same house.

3. Movida only seated and with hourly limits

The warm season will bring more people to go out in the evening, but the ban on gatherings remains, therefore the nightlife – also regulated by local ordinances – will have its own prescriptions: consumption only at the tables and within a certain time.

4. Anyone with a fever at home
The obligation to stay at home for those who have a respiratory infection or fever with temperatures above 37.5 degrees also remains. Obligation to stay at home, obviously, for those in quarantine.

5. Prohibition of street gatherings
It is one of the most controversial points, because it risks directly affecting people’s right to demonstrate. However, the ban on gatherings, marches and demonstrations can only be held at a safe distance and with a mask.

Coronavirus, that’s why you have to wear a mask when speaking: the demonstration of American researchers

Alongside these requirements, however, new openings will arrive. In particular three:

a) Via self-certification
From 3 June, self-certification will no longer be mandatory, even for travel between one region and another. It will be possible to move on without giving reasons of extreme urgency, health, work needs and visits to relatives. Mobility becomes a right again.

b) Displacements between regions
You can move freely from one region to another as the self-certification obligation has fallen. So go ahead for holidays.

The timelapse map of the coronavirus infection in Italy: all the numbers, regions and cities affected

c) Opening of borders with other European countries
The 14 day quarantine requirement for those coming from Schengen countries and Great Britain falls.

The next step will arrive on June 15th. From that date the summer centers for children as well as cinemas and theaters will start, while maintaining respect for the distance of at least one meter for both staff and spectators. There will also be absolute limits: a maximum of 1,000 spectators for outdoor performances and a maximum of 200 for indoor ones (for each single room).

The live map, here’s how the coronavirus is spreading day by day all over the world

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