Movements between Regions, understood on the date: the words of Hope


    <h2>The minister after the confrontation with Conte</h2>


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    <p>“The current law decree provides for the resumption of intra-regional movements from 3 June. <strong>At the moment there are no reasons to review the scheduled reopening of the trips</strong>. We will monitor the trend of the curve again in the next few hours. " The minister said so <strong>Roberto</strong> <strong>Hope</strong>, interviewed by Ansa, <strong>at the end of Conte's meeting with the heads of delegation</strong>.

Then we go to the confirmation of the date of 3 June for the reopening of regional borders, without any differentiation.

The definitive ok will therefore depend on the monitoring of epidemiological data in the coming days.

Moving between Regions, Boccia will speak to the governors

The Minister for Regional Affairs Francis Bowl he will hear the Presidents of the Regions in the next few hours, to continue to discuss the openness to intra-regional movements from June 3.

This is what is learned at the end of the government summit, in which it was assessed that the need to keep the block does not emerge from the data.

The comparison, it is explained, will continue in the coming days as has already happened throughout the week.

However, a meeting of the State-Regions conference is not currently scheduled.

VIRGILIO NEWS | 29-05-2020 21:36

        <a href="" title="Fase 2, il Duomo di Milano riapre anche ai turisti" data-md5="86d5702e96a7281e1f668eebddbd148a">
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    <figcaption>Phase 2, the Milan Cathedral also reopens to tourists</figcaption>                  

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