Movements between regions, self-certification and reopening of cinemas and discos: what changes and what cannot be done from June 3


With the green light to transfers between the Regions, from 3 June you enter the heart of Phase 2 of the coronavirus emergency. But not only that, from that date also those who arrive in our country from abroad will no longer have the obligation to spend a quarantine period. A first step towards the start of a new normality that had been foreseen by the Prime Minister’s Decree of 17 March and was confirmed in a government announcement last Friday 29 May, based on the latest data from the monitoring of the epidemic carried out byHigher Institute of Health and from Ministry of Health. So goodbye to self-certifications: from June 3 there will be, therefore, more travel restrictions between Regions but Palazzo Chigi stresses, however, that interregional travel “may in any case be limited, only with state measures (decrees of the Prime Minister or ordinances of the Minister of Health), in relation to specific areas of the national territory, according to principles of adequacy and proportionality to the epidemiological risk actually present in these areas “.

He will not yet be a “free everyone”: on the contrary. Precisely because the government has authorized mobility between all the Regions without limitations for those territories that are still most affected by the virus today, or Lombardy is Piedmont, great attention will have to be paid to compliance with the safety rules in order to contain the coronavirus infection, avoiding the risk – still concrete – of a second wave of infections. So here is cdare change and what we can not do yet starting from June 3rd.

Foreign trips – As regards travel abroad, travel from and to: Member States of the European Union; States that are part of the Schengen agreement (the non-EU states that adhere to the agreement are: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland); United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; Andorra, Monaco; Republic of San Marino and Vatican City State. From 3 June, moreover, “people who enter or return to Italy from these countries”, according to the indications provided by the Prime Minister, “will no longer be subject to health surveillance and fiduciary isolation for 14 days, unless they have stayed in different countries in the 14 days prior to entry into Italy “. From 3 to 15 June “to travel to and from different states compared to those listed above, the same rules continue to apply that until June 2 apply to all journeys to and from abroad “.

Stop self-certification – From next Wednesday 3 June, it will be possible to return to move freely from Region to Region and the self-certification with which all of us had learned to live from the first moments of closure of the country due to the Coronavirus emergency will be archived. You will no longer have to justify your move, except for certain areas that require it by local ordinances.

Travel by car and motorbike – By car you can travel all together only if you are part of the same familyotherwise, a maximum of 2 people will be allowed, both with a mask: the driver and a single passenger in the rear seat. Three people, however, if the car is equipped with three rows of seats. Consequently, By motorbike you will have to travel alone: “passes” are allowed only for family members or those who live in the same house. As on other issues, however, the regions can go on their own. And so in Liguria the governor Toti signed an ordinance that allows you to go in two, even if you do not live together, but only with a full helmet and a mask.

Cinema and theater shows – Need wait until June 15 to return to the cinema or theater. The shows will resume from that date but with precise safety rules: a maximum of 200 spectators indoors, a thousand outdoors; mandatory masks for the public and for the operators of the structures. Here too, the social distancing must be maintained and the purchase of tickets online must be encouraged, so as to avoid queues and possible gatherings at the entrance.

Discos – Their reopening has not been contemplated in the government decrees, but some regions are moving independently in this regard. In particular, the Veneto, with the governor Luca Zaia who announced that he is working on guidelines to reopen the discos on June 15 together with cinemas and theaters. Also there Puglia is moving in this direction, however focusing on the possibility of reopening only the outdoor areas.

Obligation to consume at the tables within a certain time – In bars and restaurants customers will have to eat at the tables within a certain hour to avoid crowds and crowds especially in the nightlife areas, with scenes such as those we witnessed over the past weekend.

Summer camps begin – According to the government’s Dpcm, summer camps for minors can also restart from 15 June, in compliance with the safety protocols that will also be established by the regions.

The masks – There is an obligation to wear masks in public places, shops, hairdressers and beauticians, by plane and train, on public transport and wherever it is not possible to keep the distance. It is therefore it is forbidden to take it off in indoor places accessible to the public and it must always be worn in some cases even outdoors: some regions such as Lombardy and Piedmont have established it with regional ordinances that derogate the obligation only from those who perform physical activity.

No kisses and hugs – The arrival of Phase 3 does not provide for loosening regarding physical contacts: the rules currently in force remain which provide for the obligation of social distancing to at least one meter. Even among non-cohabiting relatives, especially the elderly, compliance with the safety distance is recommended.

Mandatory quarantine – Who has a body temperature equal to or greater than 37.5 degrees must remain at home. Quarantine is still mandatory in those places where a special order has been issued. For example, in Sicily until June 8 there is an obligation to quarantine for those arriving from another region.

Give general information – For example, when you go to dinner in a restaurant or bar to have an aperitif, one cannot refuse to give one’s personal details if requested by the manager, this is because there is a tracking to identify any contacts with positive cases.

Temperature measurement – Nor can we refuse to undergo a fever measurement. With 37.5, access to many public places is prohibited, and it can be reported to the health authority.

Prohibition of gatherings – It is forbidden throughout the national territory to make gatherings or stay too close, included in public places, in green areas and in outdoor spaces of bars and restaurants. Congresses, meetings or gatherings, social events are suspended. The recommendations also apply to events at home: it is therefore not recommended to organize parties or dinners with a number of participants that cannot guarantee the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter which is always valid (and rises to two meters in case of physical activity) .

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