Movements between regions: Lombardy, Sardinia, Liguria, Puglia


Italy is moving towards the reopening of travel between regions from June 3 (the date, however, is not certain and could shift by a week) and there is no lack of contrasts. If you start again, you do it without distinction, says the Minister of Autonomy Francesco Boccia who collides with the Sardinian governor Christian Solinas on the health passport. Beyond the controversy, for, l’Maximum attention: We are facing an important challenge next week: the mobility between regions is that international. C need a more careful and precise monitoring to answer where cases or small outbreaks occur, says the president of the Higher Institute of Health, Silvio Brusaferro, in hearing in the budget committee in the Chamber.


The Dpcm currently in force, in fact, foresees that starting from Tuesday the citizens of the Schengen countries and of Great Britain will be able to move freely in our country: the entry ban should therefore be extended or the quarantine foreseen for them as for the rest Italians. Attilio Fontana it is said for confident that from 3 there will be no more constraints for its region: I am convinced that the Lombards will be free to move in Italy. The data is positive and improving. Lombardy will certainly fall into the list of regions that they will have freedom of movement.


In Liguria many Lombards have second homes, tourism is worth 20% of GDP from us and it is impossible to talk about tourism without interregional passage …. The Ligurian governor Giuseppe Toti ready to welcome tourists without fear, even in areas where the coronavirus has made more victims. Ministry data tell us that there are no alarms for all indicators. These are the facts. We leave the alarmism to others and terrorism says by replying to the analysis of the Gimbe Foundation according to which Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria from the epidemiological point of view, they are not ready for reopening between regions on June 3.

Emilia Romagna

I am totally opposed to health passports, they would be unmanageable: it is not clear who should do them, how, when and in what way. We must all work together, we are one country and we must avoid accusations and counter-accusations. He says so, Stefano Bonaccini the governor of the Emilia Romagna region and president of the Conference of the Regions. Between Friday and Saturday, the government will have to decide if it can be circulated from 3 June throughout Italy and I hope it will happen: it would mean that the epidemiological curve is under control. And on the hypothesis of not reopening immediately in some regions, such as Lombardy and Piedmont, he adds: We will evaluate it and discuss it.


Green light, from June 3, to the possibility of enter Tuscany to reach the second houses used for holidays. An ordinance signed by the President of Tuscany establishes it Enrico Rossi in which the anti-covid guidelines in phase 2 are defined for structures, museums, theme parks, spas and camping sites in the Tuscan territory Tourism, which contributes to GDP in an important but not decisive way, will suffer a blow and the blow will be above all on the employment plan says the governor referring mainly to the drop in bookings from abroad. We want to relaunch Tuscany which can present itself as a clean, large place, where there is space, where there is good food. So it can present itself as a healthy region, as well as beautiful, and this is the aspect that we obviously want to relaunch also in relation to the national level. I know that initiatives are also needed at the country level of promotion and relaunch.


The governor of Campania, Vincenzo De Luca, launched the Campania Sicura operation: he will only decide on June 2 based on data on how to behave with the other regions, certainly if the government will reopen the borders he will have to adapt. But always keeping active vigilance. The high concern: Tourism is also a fundamental component of the GDP for Campania – they point out from the entourage of Governor Vincenzo De Luca -. But since phase 2 started, on May 4th, we have counted at least 30,000 returns from the North and many had a fever …..


Milan is the second city of Puglia, therefore it is unthinkable to interrupt this channel that binds us: the Apulian governor Michele Emiliano opposed to the hypothesis of a health passport. It is clear that if there are epidemiological situations at risk, the central government can intervene by providing for the establishment of red zones – he says – But, to date, it does not seem to me that there are the conditions. Regions have no power to impose restrictions on people’s mobility. I feel Italian – he adds – part of a beautiful community. During the coronavirus emergency, we welcomed and treated many Lombards in our hospitals but we always do this, we welcome everyone, in our nature. clear that you have to do it safely.


Even the president of Calabria Jole Santelli he invites the Lombards to go on holiday in the South, even if he asks the government to take precautions for those who leave those regions where the contagion is highest. Open doors of Calabria to tourists. Calabria awaits them in its best guise and I believe that taking a holiday in Calabria means always going back there, says Santelli at 24 Mattino on Radio 24.Santelli. But where outbreaks have to be traced (and I think we cannot speak of regions but of areas) they must be closed in the red zone and checked at the start. We already had an exodus problem and on that occasion we reflected on the `health passport but it was very complicated .


But if on Solinas’s health passport alone, his concerns remain shared by the other presidents of the southern regions, albeit in less heated tones. In Musumeci, he did not rule out that Sicily could leave a few days later, given that there is an ordinance still in force that allows intra-regional mobility from 8 June. In August Sicily will be a special tourism region. he explains in an interview with Sette of the Corriere della Sera. Obviously we will be more penalized than other regions and we will pay a salary account of this pandemic compared to the others, given the boom in reservations that we expected – says the President of the Sicilian Region – But we will do it anyway, focusing on more indigenous tourism, on the Sicilians returning home from other regions. Hoping that there are conditions to welcome others, of course.

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