Movements between regions, Lombardy and Piedmont in the balance. Scientists: “No to reopening”


Rome, May 28, 2020 – Nothing to be happy about. THE contagion data and yesterday’s dead bring back the hands of the time of the epidemic and put the government in front of a crossroads, to a heavy political decision “to which – it is claimed both at the Ministry of Health and at Palazzo Chigi – nobody intends to escape” . If the data on Friday and those until next Monday, June 1, will highlight a rise in the infection, Mostly in Lombardy and in Piedmont (but Emilia-Romagna is also under the lens), the government will confirm the closure of the two regions most affected. Feel both governors, Cirio and Fontana.

According to yesterday’s data, daily victims have returned to over 100 units and the number of new infections increases in Lombardy which doubles the figure in a single day. of 584 positive swabs detected yesterday, most are in Lombardy, with 384 new positives (65% of the total). The increase in cases is 73 in Piedmont, 16 in Emilia Romagna, 12 in Tuscany, 39 in Liguria and 11 in Lazio. All the other regions have fewer than ten, zero in the Marche, South Tyrol, Umbria, Aosta Valley, Basilicata.

“We are observing the trend of the epidemiological curve – they tell from Technical scientific committee – but only in the light of the data for next Friday, when we will know exactly if the system has held up as a whole on the openings of 18 May, we will be able to make a decision “. He will wait until Monday afternoon before taking stock of the situation with Palazzo Chigi, where the final decision will start.

Of course, yesterday’s data slightly broke the eggs in the basket for ‘open-minded aperturists’ who are also present in the bodies responsible for the management of the national pandemic, making the majority of the members of the Technical Scientific Committee return (in particular the representatives of the ‘ISS) in one wait and cautious position. In fact, among the ranks of the Committee, a more favorable orientation towards the closure of the two regions “for at least a further week” transpires, just to assess whether, as is feared, these data represent the danger of that famous ‘second wave’ which has been widely discussed in recent days and which – still – did not seem to have manifested itself. Or if it is only “a curve that remains on a medium-low ridge, however not too worrying”.

The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, at this moment, the ‘cautious among the cautious’ proves to be the rejection of any external pressure (still all very strong, even in the government) towards the total reopening “despite everything”. “Living with the virus does not mean unconsciousness”, he often repeats. So, next Monday, around 5 pm, this should happen. That the Scientific and Technical Committee and the government will take stock of the general situation, “data in hand for the past four days after the reopening on May 18; if the data is comforting – they say from the Ministry of Health – we will go ahead with the reopening of all regions, as per the road map. Otherwise, the government will take over full political responsibility, after hearing the governors of the regions concerned, to keep some territories closed; the mapping of the infection will tell us which and how many, even within the regions concerned “.

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