Movements between regions, Governor Solinas: “In Sardinia you only enter with tests”


The governor of Sardinia, Christian Solinas (Ansa)
The governor of Sardinia, Christian Solinas (Ansa)
Cagliari, 29 May 2020 – Governor Christian Solinas, the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, accuses him of wanting to keep the Lombards away from Sardinia in the summer. Aren’t you afraid that tourism from areas with high numbers of infections could be dangerous for Sardinians?
“Sala has created a quarrel out of nowhere and out of nowhere, any Lombard or Piedmontese citizen will be able to arrive in Sardinia as early as June 3. We raised a health problem: talking about discrimination doesn’t make sense. Sardinia and Sardinians are ready to open wide arms to tourists, without any distinction of origin. We ask them a little more caution, because we can combine traditional Sardinian hospitality with the primary need to guarantee the health of those who live on the island and those who arrive there: carry out a test that certify the negativity to Coronavirus. So even in Sala, if he accepts the invitation to come to us, we will ask to produce this certificate. It will also be useful for the health of all Italians who decide to come on holiday in Sardinia “.

Minister Boccia claims that the immunity certificate for tourists is not standing. Exactly what is required of those who enter the island?
“Minister Boccia, in the grip of a neo-centralist regurgitation, raises a non-existent case and exploits it to avoid discussing a problem under the eyes of all. The truth is that June 3 is near and a government has not yet arrived. clear proposal on reopening between regions. And it is singular that Boccia itself evokes questions of alleged unconstitutionality, after for three months the government has derogated from constitutional rules and fundamental rights with emergency administrative acts. We have a duty to balance constitutional rights: certification of the state of negativity to the virus goes in this direction. If the minister is against, tell us what alternative he thinks “.

In the event (unfortunate) in which the infections had to go back to the island, would you be ready to close the regional ‘borders’ even in summer?
“We have always followed and will continue to comply with the national health protocols and the emergency measures issued by the government. We have strengthened the health system, doubling the number of intensive care units, but we must continue to monitor to avoid access without controls. This is why I insist on the need of a certification of negativity “.

Do you think that the pandemic will keep tourists away from Sardinia or not?
“Despite the global crisis, we expect 2.5 million arrivals in Sardinia. If there were positive cases, we would be forced to close the structures that house the infected and put hundreds of people into quarantine: the image of our tourism would suffer serious damage. That is why I insist on extra caution. ”

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